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In a few minutes, you can have a fully built lead generation squeezepage like these examples....


I've been building my list of subscribers for three years. The best way is to simply giveaway a free ebook guide in exchange for the visitor's email. I've been using this proven strategy and have built an email list of over 15,000+ subscribers by giving away free products.

This is a simple strategy, however a lot of marketers don't know where to begin?

1) Get a free product

2) Get a Squeezepage (Lead page, or capture page, or simply landing page)

3) Edit the Squeezepage, add in your web optin form

4) Make a thank you page, upload free product, add download link

5) Connect everything together and upload to hosting server via FTP

SOUNDS complicated? Highly technical? Time consuming?

YES it can be!

Problem is SOLVED!

Introducing my newly created Amazon Lead Builder BOT Software.

This software will automatically install a complete lead generation squeezepage for you. This Bot will automatically insert your optin form code, setup the lead page, setup thank you page (with affiliate offer), setup download link to the free product, connect it all and upload to your web host.

The free product you'll be giving away is a high quality Amazon Affiliate Marketing ebook:

What's Included in Your Purchase?

  • The Amazon Lead Builder Software

  • Instructions on how to get started

  • The free Amazon Affiliate Marketing ebook

  • Solo Ad Email Swipes

  • Autoresponder Messages

  • Recommended Amazon affiliate offers to promote to your new list


Try my BOT software, if you are not completely satisfied for any reasons, then I don't want your money! Simply contact me within 60 days, and I'll give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked, no hassles.


Create Converting lead capture pages like these ready to go at the
click of a button:

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60 Days Money Back Guarantee.

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-Leon Tran
(Currently developing more useful Bots :)
I only create and sell BOTs that I personally use myself.


Frequently asked questions:

1) Do you have other Bot Software for sale?
-Yes you can see my other bot products here.

2) What Do I Need To Get Started in Building an Email List?
-You will need a domain name, web hosting, and autoresponder service. I have tutorials that will show you how to easily get started. These are the bare minimum things for internet marketers to have sooner or later.

3) Does this Software work on Macs (Apple OS)?
-These software programs only run on Windows!
You can run the software on Macs if you use VMware or something similar.

4) Will my Anti-Virus program trigger a FALSE-Positive alert when running these programs?
-The nature of these BOT programs may trigger a false-positive alert. These programs are 100% safe to use, and you can allow these programs from your anti-virus/firewall programs or they may not work properly.

5) What about all future software updates?
I normally create BOTs that can work for years without problems. If it requires small updates and fixes, I'll take care of it for free. However, I cannot offer 100% free major updates (brand new bells and whistles, new major features) for a lifetime though. For the most part, general fixes and updates are free for all users :)

60 Days Money Back Guarantee.