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2014 Penny Per Click Method 

How I PAY LESS THAN 1 Penny Per Click
and 1 Penny Per Email Subscriber!

Penny Per Click is The Answer To All of Your Traffic Needs!

NOT PPV Traffic
NOT Pay For Hits
NOT Mobile Traffic
NOT Direct Media Buying

NO DIRTY TRICKS (Like bait and switch)

Penny Per Click Method Works For Just About Any NICHE!
No dirty tricks, no blackhat, 100% ethical quality clean traffic targeting mainly USA visitors! or Wherever You Choose. (This is NOT a Pay For Hits Method!) 

Here's an example keyword: “prevent diabetes” .
This costed me $0.0023 per click and $0.0167 per email subscriber.

Here's another example keyword: "work from home jobs" .
This costed $0.0106 per click and $0.025 per email subscriber.

Inside the Penny Per Click guide, you will see these keywords 
from inside my advertiser's dashboard screenshots and more!

Does this traffic convert to sales?
In the Penny Per Click guide, I'll show you two different niche campaigns 
(Health & Work From Home) that costed only $10-$20 each

and generated $130+ in sales each, a return of 500-1000%!

How much does it cost to get started with Penny Per Click? 
You will need a credit card and as little as $5 to start getting traffic. 

Buy Penny Per Click for only $6
No upsells, no OTOs,
no affiliate links inside the guide!

2014 Penny Per Click Guide

Here's What You're Getting For $6

The 2014 Penny Per Click Guide


I'm giving away my best performing landing page (NEVER BEFORE SOLD) 
that generates 54+% email optin rate! This is after many weeks of optimization.

1 out of 2 people became a subscriber after seeing this landing page! 
That's got to be some kind of world record right there.
I can't believe I'm even giving this landing page away! I am Crazy! 
This alone is worth 10x the WSO price!

With this optin landing page, you DO NOT need to offer any kind of bribes
to your visitors (like a free report) to get them to subscribe to your email list. 

This landing page has been proven to work for just about any NICHE!

2014 Penny Per Click Guide

Me & My Guarantee!
My name is Leon and I've been doing internet marketing since 2005. 
In 2011-2012 I was one of Clickbank's Super Affiliates.

Is Penny Per Click some kind of rehashed product? 
I promise you that I've written this guide 100% from scratch by myself without 
copying any other guide. I've discovered this method myself.

But reality is, there may be other guides out there that is similar to the Penny Per Click guide, I'm sure of it.

Here's what makes Penny Per Click special!
I reveal my own campaigns and show you my top converting keywords 
and even give away my personal highly converting
54% optin rate landing page as a bonus. 
You will NOT see this in any other WSO or any other guide in the entire web!

I'm giving all buyers a full 60 days 
100% money back guarantee! If you don't find this guide useful, then I don't want your money.

Buy Penny Per Click for only $6
No upsells, no OTOs,
no affiliate links inside the guide!

2014 Penny Per Click Guide

Originally Posted by SheraLee View Post
High converting landing page, guide, and excellent customer service all for $6. Very well done on your first WSO guide, Leon and thanks for reply to PM.
Originally Posted by homebizrockstar View Post
Thanks fr the 2014 Penny Per Click guide! just bought it and am 100% satisfied! will buy from this seller again! Didn't have a clue about this platform till now! Excited!
Originally Posted by melvinsh View Post
Confirmed and approved, well worth it as it can get many eyes on your business. I set up campaign and searched my keyword and there I see my ad, I'm the only one there as well. Spending 6 bucks for this can make you thousands, don't get left behind. Haven't got any clicks only been up for 20 minutes but my bid is super low
Originally Posted by apache39 View Post
Just got this, i have to say as a beginner with this type of thing this is perfect. Very well written and everything explained, basically if you can read and follow examples then you can use this. I have many ideas already for this.
Good work.
Originally Posted by Matt Lee View Post
Picked this guide up, and was happy to see what method he was using. I've used this method before, and the traffic is high quality. Definitely worth $6
Originally Posted by romolo View Post
Ok I'm back very quickly, I knew this was it and I was right, the source is legit, how do I know, it's because I've already tried it myself, you can get very cheap clicks here, and the quality is good, not the best due to the bidding strategy but still, better than you think.

Cheers mate
Originally Posted by celente View Post

I just bought this and read it a few times. It does give some helpful hits and resources. 

I spend about $4k a month on PPC, and its the only way to make it big online. The gurus all use it, but I did know about this resource, it does shed some light on some other cool things about building a list, and keywords, both manditory if you are going to make good profits online and build a long standing business online. 

I would give it an 8/10 for content. And 10/10 for an easy to read instructions. 

Thanks again!.
Originally Posted by ivana View Post
Straight to the point, no fluff, easy to follow and implement... Great Job Leon ;-)
Originally Posted by PirateBarnabus View Post
Yep, this is a good WSO and a "No Brainer " for the price.

I write Google adwords for BoostCTR and other clients. The 
Trouble is that Google has got very expensive and is getting beyond 
The reach of the smaller business. 
Affordable traffic and
WSO's like this are what we all need more of. 
Good work, thanks.
Originally Posted by Mason13 View Post
Just baught it as I was sceptical, but to my surprise, this is a great buy! Well worth the 6$. Thanks!

2014 Penny Per Click Guide