My name is Leon Tran, founder of HowToWebmaster Youtube Channel. I’ve made $300,000+ selling digital products on Clickbank, WarriorPlus, and JVZOO…(See intro Video, if you haven’t already done so). I’m going to show you how to sell your own digital products (ebooks, videos, software, or any kind of infoproducts) at these marketplaces. See my completely FREE tutorial training series at my youtube playlist here.

Below are all of the resources I recommend (FREE & Paid tools) for creating and selling your products successfully at Clickbank, Warriorplus, and JVZOO.

  1. Domain Registration Services
    A lot of good services out there, but to keep things simple, I’ll say NameCheap is among the top.
    NameCheap – I have an account with them for over 10+ years. Great service, good prices, easy to use. I’ll have a tutorial on how to connect namecheap with your web hosting server.
  2. Web Hosting Services
    There are many good hosting services out there, but also some bad ones too. I’ll only mention a couple of my top choices for low cost shared hosting providers with top customer support.
    BlueHost – consistently one of the most highly rated web hosting companies on the web.
    HostGator – I had 10+ years of customer relationship with them. 
  3. Website Building Tool
    KOMPOZER, it is FREE! I will show you how to use this to create salespages EASILY! 
    CoreFTP, it is FREE! I will show you how to upload site files with this tool. 
    , it is FREE! Most web hosting companies allows installation of wordpress with built-in tool that takes literally 1 minute to install wordpress! I will also show you how to create salespages with this using a premium plugin later.
  4. Product Creation Ideas
    You will be the one in charge of creating your digital product to sell. I have shared with you some ideas to get you started (see Part 2 video), but ultimately you have to come up with your own product! I can only show you how to launch and sell it.
    IDPLR PLR Membership: The #1 PLR Membership on the Web! Thousands of PLR products which you can take, rebrand, resell & keep 100% profits. Easily use these as upsells/downsells in your sales funnels too! Sign up free to get some FREE PLR to practice with rebranding & reselling with!
    Clickbank’s Top Selling Products: Get ideas by seeing the best selling products currently on clickbank, these guys are making $10,000 – $50,000/day . Can you make anything similar or better? A lot of these are ebooks and video tutorials! 
    WarriorPlus’s Top Selling Products: More current ebook/video tutorials, but for internet & affiliate marketing. *Need to be logged in to view, sign up free.
    JVZOO’s Top Selling Products: The best selling products of all time at JVZOO. *Need to be logged in to view, sign up free.
  5. Product Cover Making Tool
    MyCoverMaker – Free account gets you a limit cover selections. See my rebranding tutorial here.
    ECover Authority – One time fee to create unlimited beautiful covers for ebooks, 3d software boxes, video box covers, packages, and more!
  6. Email Marketing Tool
    GetResponse – Free 30 Day trial, plans start at $15/month. You need this to grow your customer list! Sign up when you’re about ready to launch your product. *Integrates with Warriorplus & JVZOO so that all of your new customers are automatically added to your customer list.

*If you are serious about selling your own digital products, having your own website is highly recommended for long term success. You WILL a need domain name, hosting, and an email marketing tool to build your customer list. These are the bare minimum tools to have. 

*Yes! Some of the links on this page are my affiliate links. Thank you for your support so I can continue making these training series.