Best Free WordPress Plugins For Blogs 🐼 Improve SEO 👆 Faster Speed & Security

I show the 6 must have best free wordpress plugins for blogs and anyone using wordpress. These free wordpress plugins will improve SEO, speed up wordpress, improve security, and more. […]

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How to Secure Your WordPress Sites

This free wordpress plugin, WordFence has already blocked 26,440 brute force attacks on my site every single month! Go get this FREE wordpress anti-virus malware + firewall security plugin (All […]

Watch Out! Facebook Fanpage Phishing Scams On The Rise!

I run a few facebook fanpages and just last week, I was hit with a terrifying private message on one of my fanpages, warning me of a violation and account […]

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What is CloudFlare? How to Use CloudFlare To Improve Website Performance for Free!

I actually just started using CloudFlare just last week! First of all, it’s a FREE tool, and I cannot believe it’s actually free!

What exactly is CloudFlare?

It’s a tool to improve […]

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$500k, The Cost of a DDOS Attack – The Case of Holding a Website Ransom

Recently, there have been some major DDOS attacks all over the web including big names like Meetup, Aweber, OKcupid, and more.

DDOS is (distributed denial of service), when multiple compromised systems — which […]

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