How to Add Google Analytics On Your WordPress Website

In this brief tutorial video, find out the best way to setup google analytics on your wordpress site with no coding or modifying your theme files. There are totally free […]

Part 5: WordPress SEO Training Tutorial – How to Get Backlinks to Your Blog

Congratulations, you’ve made it to part 5 of this wordpress SEO training tutorial series.
You’ve completed onpage SEO, now learn how to get backlinks to your wordpress blog/site. In this SEO […]

Part 4: WordPress SEO Training Tutorial – Best Free SEO Plugins

If you’re using wordpress and want to get some serious onpage SEO performed on your site, then you’ll need an SEO plugin. Check out how to use the best free […]

Part 2: Learn SEO Tutorial For Beginners – How to Do OnPage SEO Optimization

Learn how to do onpage seo optimization on your own website. It is one of the most important ranking factors, do it right will give you a major search engine […]

Part 3: WordPress SEO Training Tutorial – Create SEO Optimized Content

In part 3 you will learn how to write SEO optimized content for your wordpress blog posts. Discover what you need to avoid and what you absolutely must include to […]

Part 2: OnPage SEO – FREE WordPress SEO Training Tutorial

Free wordpress SEO tutorial training about OnPage SEO, URL SEO, enhance your website structure SEO, and much much more!

How to Setup WordPress Settings After Installing

How to setup your wordpress settings after installing and logging into your wordpress admin dashboard for the first time.

-Change your wordpress profile.
-Your settings menus, media, and tabs.
-Permalinks and more!

Part 1: Keyword Research – FREE WordPress SEO Training Tutorial

Learn how to do keyword research, it is one of the most important things when building your website. You want to enter a niche with the right keywords that has […]

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