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2Captcha & Kolotibablo Review: Make Money Online By Typing In Captchas

Want to make money online doing typing things? Learn how to make an extra $200+/month by typing in captchas. Captchas are the images with distorted text that are used as security measures on many websites. They are used to ensure that a human is submitting the form and not a computer.

There are several sites that will pay people to type captchas.

You can earn around $0.20 – $0.80 /hour . Okay…so this is definitely NOT going to make you rich but it’s descent work for people in 3rd world countries looking to make some extra cash. Also, good for young people to practice typing. The faster you type, the more money you can earn!

Getting started is quick and easy, see my video above to see how.

The 2 sites that I recommend are 2Captcha and Kolotibablo. Read my reviews of them below.

🔥 Kolotibablo Review:
-Fast and easy to sign up
-Plenty of work available and fast
-Higher paying (enable recaptcha!)
Sign Up to Kolotibablo Here

🔥 2Captcha Review:
-Sign up is fast, but you need to complete a 10 minute training before beginning to work (see video)
-Lower paying (unless you enable recaptcha, HIGHLY Recommended!)
-Captchas work comes a little slower
Sign Up to 2Captcha Here

If you want to try these out , I’d appreciate it if you
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