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Automatic Backlink Building Free WordPress SEO Auto Linker Plugin

Free WordPress SEO Auto Linker Plugin builds backlinks with keywords automatically. Can increase your pageviews by 18%, good for SEO, increase rankings, and traffic! This FREE link building SEO plugin will build backlinks to unlimited URL with unlimited keywords. Learn what it does by watching my video.

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SEO Auto Linker

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  1. Just came across your video. Hopefully you can respond.. Do you recall if you can set a limit to where it only creates a single link, instead of multiple links wherever it identifies a specific keyword? Example. Say I want to create a single backlink to YOUR website, from my blog. Can you set a limit to 1, so it creates one single link, instead of multiple links to your site where ever the keyword exists on all of the different posts on my blog? Thanks in advance!

  2. Yeah bro those are not backlinks. Those are simply anchor text. bank links are anchor text from other websites that point back to your site.

  3. what type of backlinks is it creating? The last thing you want is the links to be made on banned/terrible off-topic websites.

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