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CPanel Tutorial – How to Backup and Restore Your Website Files

In this CPanel tutorial, learn how to backup your website files, and how to restore your website files. It is quick and easy, protect your websites now.

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  1. Hello sir, I am in need of help. I bought a web host and had somebody upload a website for me using CPanel. I'm wanting to move that website to a new host. Would I want to do a full backup download and then just upload that backup to the new host?

  2. What does backing up/RecoveringHOME DIRECTORY means ??? Will all my files under "public_http" and "www" be backed up as well ??

  3. I have a two different servers at godaddy and one is messed up. I sporadically can log into and cannot upload a file and cannot download a file without the connection disconnecting. So if I created a full fullback and it stores it on that corrupt server how do I retrieve it? When I cannot connect to that server for more than a few minutes.

  4. We applied for the renewal of our server for 6 months. During this renewal, the server was deleted by Hostgator. The entire company was wiped off. 150 employees became idle. It was a catastrophe. We had our back up placed in the server itself, but the entire server is gone with all files and databases. Our Account was showing as blank with no server attached to it. Hostgator support had simply took their responsibility off and advised us to start from scratch. Everything from beginning. A $100000 monthly business was shut down and wiped off in a fortnight. We tried everything, but Hostgator gave us no hope. It's all gone and the accusation was brutally placed on us. We were almost ruined. Finally our developer realized that all the files exist in hostgator server and the link to our WHM was broken. We relinked the server with the old IP and it started again. Hostgator became somewhat numb and we are about to file a lawsuit against them. I don't know whether to term this as sabotage or negligence, but you MUST always keep back up in your local drive. Thanks for the video.

  5. Sir back 2 days i dont know how i lost emails of email ids unfortunately i hv not taken any back up is there any way to get back up back.please update me

  6. I ran a full backup using the back up Wizard in CPanel. It took the site down ( I get a 504 error). I assume this is because MySQL locked the tables. Is this normal? It's also taking many hours. Note to others, run this after-hours.

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