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[DAY 90] My Make Money on Youtube Monetization Journey to Earning $100 Per Day!

WOW! It’s been 90 days already on my youtube monetization journey. Currently, I’m 12% – 15% of reaching my goal of 0/day with youtube. Last 30 days, I’ve made about /day average with the highest day reaching almost ! I’ve been uploading 1 video every single day (I missed a couple of days) for past 30 days.

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πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Next 30 days goal: UPLOAD 2 VIDEOS a day! 😱 And maybe 3 videos on good days! I will also be doing more review videos of daily top selling marketing products. As always, I review good and bad products which of course I will let you know about the bad ones to avoid.

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  1. Continuity seems to be the secret. Keep it up Leon I'm enjoying your reports. It'll be really interesting to see if your new 2 videos a day strategy makes any real difference to your income.

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