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EASY! How to Rebrand PLR Ebooks Products For Free! (Private Label Rights)

I’ll show you 2 different ways for rebranding PLR ebooks (private Label Rights). The most important thing is rebranding the ebook covers with a new name and adding in the rebanded details like your name, website, and new ebook title. I’ll show you how to rebrand the PLR ebook covers with photoshop and without photoshop.

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  1. Thank you for being so clear about this topic. I have a question. Can i resells old books for example?

  2. Where to get PLR content? Someone suggests IDPLR is the best site for download. Which one do you suggest?


  3. Thank you for this useful video. I have a question though, if I rebrand a PLR product like changing the cover and adding chapters and editing some of the contents, can I sell it as my own product and sell PLR rights to it?

  4. I appreciate your style in teaching. I am a working as a young entrepreneur. I was wondering how can I help you build we can help each other grow? Do you teach 1 on 1?

  5. Im for a step-by-step tutorial like go here , download I wish he would put the step by step instructions in his description is editing with word ? Maybe something for beginners

  6. I love the pop-ups you use in your videos….eg the man saying Hello…..What program do you use to add pop-ups to your video?

  7. Hi Leon, thanks for the info. Is it all PLR ebooks at IDPLR say for example can be edited like what you shown and resell?

  8. I didn t find e_cover for my book , how can maje it with good synchronisation dimension with interior ?

  9. Very informative video. would be possible to give the ebook for free or resell it without making any changes to the content or the cover?

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