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Free Google Adwords PPC Tutorial Guide

You can use Google AdWords to drive more traffic to your website to get more customers and more clients. The big advantage this has over using something like SEO?

A Brief Introduction to Google AdWords? 5

Identifying Your Keywords 7

Your Audience and Goals 7

Local Search Terms 9

What Makes a Good Keyphrase? Using Keyword Tools 11

Negative Keywords 13

Writing Your Ads 15

Discriminating Against Customers 17

Bidding and Budgeting 20

Automated Bidding Methods 20

Manual CPC 21

Deciding on Your Budget 23

Where to Send the Traffic? 24

Creating a Landing Page 24

Creating an eCommerce Site 27

Analyzing and Improving Your Performance 28

Getting the Data 28

Split Testing 29

A Simple Action Plan 31


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