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How I Remonetized My Demonetized Reused Content Youtube Compilation Channel!

My other youtube compilation channel (0,000+ in revenue) got demonetized for reused content (see original video here:

My strategy for getting my demonetized channel remonetized again is by partnering up with someone to create original content. I had to delete all of my compilation videos because they were violating the reused content policy.

*Compilation channel with creative additions are fine such as voiceovers, commentary, or reaction videos. But my compilations did not meet these requirements.

So I deleted all of my videos, got my partner to start creating original content for the demonetized channel. After 4000 hours of watchtime was met, we reapplied for youtube partnership, and got monetization again.

*Sorry I cannot reveal my other channel. All I have to say is, starting over, don’t expect to earn the same as before right away. It’ll take some time.

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  1. So I could bait with videos that would most likely be denied for monetization, get my subs up, delete the videos and its a fresh start when attempting to get monetized? I keep the subs and get fresh stats?

  2. hey man my channel just got hit with the demonitization yesterday, but i still have $1000 showing up on my analytics which i earned last month, will i be able to withdraw that even tho i just got demonitized for reused content?

  3. Hey! It's a really great video. I have a question for you.
    How do you share the profit with your partner with transparency? I mean does she/he has access to your channel too? Else how does he come to know the profit is X amount and he is getting X/2 amount accordingly?

  4. Hey man I'm in the same position: tiktok channel 800k views and 1.5k subs and I can't monetize: how do you find creators to partner with??

  5. God Bless I wanted to ask you a Cuestion and i Hope i can get and answer to help me out.

    One year Ago Youtube terminated my channel that i had for year for suppostly community Guidelines But I never Had a strike or anything, after months i decided to create this new music channel and i re upload a few songs and 3 videos i had on the other channel and now that have the requiered subscribers and watch hours in this new channel i been denied 3 times already and i dont understand why , all the music is original , i got zero copyright claims, and youtube is telling me i have reused content that i have uploade someone else content, when all the content is me. the only thing i think it could be is because 2 of my songs that i had before my other channel was terminated were upload to some other channels that i dont know who they are and i tried to contact them but they been unactive for some time and maybe since i uploaded them in this new channel maybe youtube thinks im uploading there content when in reality is mine. I honestly dont know what to do and its frustrading i have alot of projects that have big potencial but i what to have my channel monitizing first what can i do thank you for your Time.

  6. hey man, any idea if talking over nba videos is monetizable, like for example, the 'cliveNBAparody' channel, do you think his videos are monetized?

  7. So I have a couple questions. Could you PLEASE answer if you know the answers 🙂

    Is it possible to monetize a compilation channel if nothing gets picked up by copyrights? So no video will ever get claimed but it's still just a compilation channel

    Also so what you're saying is I can make a compilation channel, get views and subs then delete everything and create original content, get monetised then go back to making compilations?

    Would a channel get demonetised if it then goes back to making compilations even if they don't get claimed?

  8. Hey @HowToWebmaster, any idea if written/subtitle-like commentary is fine for reused content compilations? Also, what kind of compilations did your other channel do? Cheers!

  9. So if i was planning to make a TikTok compilation channel, remove audio and used youtube audio.. would this work or would it still be a risk?

  10. hey…so i make compilation videos mostly celebrity news and drama and aesthetic compilation videos but i dont include my voice…can i be hit with reused content please reply

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