My other youtube compilation channel (0,000+ in revenue) got demonetized for reused content (see original video here:

My strategy for getting my demonetized channel remonetized again is by partnering up with someone to create original content. I had to delete all of my compilation videos because they were violating the reused content policy.

*Compilation channel with creative additions are fine such as voiceovers, commentary, or reaction videos. But my compilations did not meet these requirements.

So I deleted all of my videos, got my partner to start creating original content for the demonetized channel. After 4000 hours of watchtime was met, we reapplied for youtube partnership, and got monetization again.

*Sorry I cannot reveal my other channel. All I have to say is, starting over, don’t expect to earn the same as before right away. It’ll take some time.

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