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How to Customize WooCommerce Storefront Theme Customization Tutorial

In this quick tutorial, learn how to customize the default WooCommerce Storefront theme with new logo, slogans, icons, header images, custom product/category displays, and more.

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  1. anyone have any idea how to remove the link on everypage, like in this case theres like a directory such as "Home > toy > aimaition toy"

    Been trying to figure it out for days but no chance

  2. Good morning and thanks for the video !
    I have no home page with Storefront and when I create one, this one is empty…
    I cancelled the theme, WooCommerce, the child theme and tried again and I still have an empty home page
    Do you have an idea of what's going on ?
    Thanks in advance for your answer !

  3. Здравствуйте

    А сам по себе бесплатный Storefront без дополнительных расширений будет нормально работать как интернет магазин ?

  4. I accidentally deleted the main image slider (the one you edit at 1:04 of this video) How do I replace it? I see I can add videos/images/sliders, but I can't add text to it.

  5. hi sir, thanks for the turtorial . sir when i install and activate the woocommerce plugin am not getting the interface like yours but instead goes direct to the woocommerce settings i want the recommendation tabs like storefront so that i can customize the default products of storefront. plz help.

  6. Thank you for the New Video. I will start practicing what your videos explain. I have a question about your inventory. Do you buy your inventory or how do you have the inventory to start? Do I start with PLRs like in your previous videos and then work up to purchasing inventory? Do you have a video on this or is this easy to explain?

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