How To Setup and Sell Your Product On Clickbank as a Vendor

Learn how to setup and sell your products on Clickbank as a vendor. Clickbank is a marketplace mainly for infoproducts (digital products such as ebooks, videos, software, etc).

A lot of vendors (sellers) on Clickbank make a lot of money because of Clickbank’s massive affiliate network.

However, Clickbank can be pretty complicated to get started selling on. Selling one product is easy to do, but multiple products with multiple upsells can be a challenge.

Hope this Clickbank vendor tutorial may help you new sellers out.

This is a quick overview on selling on clickbank:
1) Setup your product listing on Clickbank.
2) Setup and add your products and offers to a sales funnel (skip this if you only have 1 product).
3) Get your buy buttons after approval.

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