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How to Transcribe Videos Into Article Content Automatically Free!

Free method to get more content out of your videos by transcribing it for free of course! Then you can use this transcribe video content on your sites, blogs, ebooks, whatever!

Did you know that Youtube videos (in English) from 2014 and up are automatically transcribed by Youtube for free! See my video above for more details on how to grab the transcribed video content with NO plugins, no tools, no browser extensions needed, and NOTHING to install.

Need a video transcribed for free?  All you need to do is upload the video to youtube and let it transcribe automatically for free. You’ll need to publish the video though. You can set the video to private or unlisted if you want.

There you have it, free video content transcribed automatically for use on your websites.

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    1. Currently, you can use text to speech tools (free for converting text to audio (voice). But to turn an article into a quality video automatically, there’s no such thing. There are automated tools that can turn articles into text videos, but who’s going to stick around and watch those videos and click on a link recommended by it? Definitely try out ttsreader, its the best free text to speech tool I’ve seen online. Hope this helps.

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