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Is It Better To Work Hard Or Work Smart?

I used to think that mostly smart people would have a much higher chance at achieving success whether online or offline.

I mean… who wants to work hard when you can work smart…right!?

Would you rather work 40-60+hours a week or have one of those 4 hour work weeks… 

Go watch this short video (Below) on working smart or working hard and let me know what you think…

I myself work 40+ hours a week on the internet, and I enjoy it a lot!

So if you want to do internet marketing but just absolutely hate it, or just doing it purely for money….you’ll probably gonna have a hard time working hard.

You must ask yourself… is doing internet marketing fun?


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  1. Yeah, I love the work I do. I fix things that cannot be fixed. Hence the name “Rigger” and the email address that says “what ever it takes”. 51 being my birth year. I’m 64. I’m pretty much a workaholic, and can’t sit by knowing something needs done. I’m now pretty good on the computer, not the best I can be, but still, pretty good. I’ve collected a lot of software and products I need to start IM, but still haven’t started. Will soon. Lots of other things going on off-line I need to care for. Only break I get is when I open my computer. Then need a break from IT. So I go work on something else outside. Now I have to go change the carburetor on my Motor Home. See ya.

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