1. Hey Leon, Thank you very much for your replies. I have sent you a request to yur facebook profile and also some messages (won't take your time much) just add me please. My profile name "Vibhash Liyan" Thanks In advance

  2. So leon if we used Shopify, how to market it in those affiliate programs??? Please Reply 🙂 Can we do that without using an HTML salespage ?

  3. Hey bro how are you, i'm new at Jvzoo and i want some help because i'm lost i want to sell my product. When you sign up you create a account is it ok to put a Pen name or do we have to put or real name, and for the country is it important to put our real country we live in (i live in France). My 2nd question is about payment Paypal, to receive payment do we use our Paypal personal account or buisness account, i have a personal account only and when we receive a lot of money does paypal freeze the money because i've heard terrible things about Paypal. And my last question is when we have a sale can we keep the money on Jvzoo choose a transcation and put it on other payment methods or does the money go straight to Paypal or Bank account automaticly. Thank you for helping i want for sellers not affiliates .

  4. Sir plz explain after PayPal get started I typed mail but it asked business name date like this plz explain after that screen clearly

  5. Hey Leon… I have rebrand plr product… Even also launch in munch eye… But didn't get any affliate…… What should I do??

  6. hey bro,, Actually it's my first time that i write a comment on youtube, But i did it today because i learn a lot from you videos, honestly you the only youtuber that i trust to watch and learn from.. i watch your Warrior Plus Series and after that i post to product in Warrior Plus its active but private, and after that i search for jvzoo videos and found yours old videos and after i watch i post during 5 days 12 products in JVZOO and its publish on JVZOO marketplace now.. I just wanna thank you for you valuable information in your videos, and i'm waiting your next video.. Keep it up man

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