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Setup Google Analytics WordPress Tutorial 🐸 FREE MonsterInsights Google Analytics Plugin (REVIEW)

Learn how to setup google analytics on your wordpress site easily with the FREE monsterinsights google analytics wordpress plugin. Quick review of MonsterInsights, it’s a free plugin to add analytics tracking to your wordpress site without messing around with any codes. I also like the fact that it displays quick overview of your traffic stats directly inside of your wp-admin dashboard. Plus, it works regardless of the theme you’re using.

⭐ 2+ million installs of this plugin already, with nearly a 5 star rating!
*You can install this plugin directly from your wp-admin dashboard.

* See my google analytics tutorials playlist.

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  1. Dear sir when start authentication no response or loading for much time plz can U tell me why this happens

  2. I received Whoops, something went wrong and we weren't able to connect to MonsterInsights. Please enter your Google UA code manually. Message

  3. Monster Insights charges $ to see "real-time" visitors to your site. Google Analytics website provides "real-time" info and much more FREE. Although Monster Insights was working, the Google Analytics website would not display any data when the plugin was "activated." When I "deactivated" the Monster Insights plugin, the Google Analytics website went back to functioning normally. I thought I would share this in case anyone else cannot figure out why the Google Analytics website is not working while Monster Insights is installed.

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