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Top 3 CPA Marketing Networks For 2016

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a LONG time, and I’ve joined A LOT of different affiliate networks and CPA networks.

CPA networks come and go, and even some of the BIGGEST CPA marketing networks have fallen, like neverblue and EWA. You probably heard of them if you’ve been around CPA marketing for a little while.

Now there are a lot of different CPA networks out there, but you don’t have to join all of them, you just got to join the best ones.

My top 3 CPA networks for 2016:

  1. Peerfly
  2. MaxBounty
  3. Commission Junction

I’ve been with these CPA networks for about 5 years, and they are the most respected names in the CPA marketing world. I’ll talk a little more about my experience with each CPA networks below.


Peerfly has an amazing number of CPA offers, over 2000+ offers from all over the world, and with some of the best CPA commissions! This is truly a top CPA marketing network made for affiliates by affiliates. Peerfly also offers plenty of affiliate marketing tips, secrets, and strategies for its members. Amazing support and just a really easy to use dashboard. This is just a SOLID CPA network that is definitely my #1 choice. Click here to check out Peerfly.


MaxBounty just recently went through a site redesign and now things are a LOT easier to use with a very nice clean look. They have around 1500 CPA offers with many foreign offers as well. One of the best things I like about MaxBounty is the fact that they treat affiliates really well and are always creating contests for affiliates with great prizes and awards for top CPA affiliates. Another truly quality CPA marketing network I highly recommend, click here to check out MaxBounty.

Commission Junction

Also known as CJ or Conversant, Commission Junction is without a doubt the current KING of affiliate networks. The worlds biggest brands uses CJ. Now, this network is a HUGE mix of all kinds of affiliate offers including CPA offers such as pay per lead. With that said, trying to filter out the CPA offers can be a little messy. Also the dashboard is NOT user-friendly as Peerfly’s or MaxBounty’s. With CJ, you have to apply and get approved for each company offers you want to promote for. Getting approved is not hard though compared with applying for the other Top CPA networks. Anyhow, CJ is the biggest and most reputable out of the top 3 CPA networks mentioned on this page. Click here to check out

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to join 10 different CPA marketing networks, you just gotta join a few and stick with them. You can’t go wrong with any of these top 3 CPA networks for 2016.

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Thank you for viewing. Be sure to leave a comment whether you have anything good or bad to say about these CPA networks or anything 🙂

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