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WarriorPlus Vendor Tutorial: How to Approve New Affiliates & Auto-Approve Top Affiliates

In today’s lesson for new warriorpluse sellers/vendors, learn how to approve new affiliate requests (these are affiliates interested in promoting your product). Also, learn to set auto-approval for top affiliates, this will save you a lot of time!


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📅 Step-By-Step Tutorial Training Series Go As Follows:
Part 1: Intro
Part 2: Digital Product Creation Ideas
Part 3: Recommended Tools
Part 4: Finish Creating Your Digital Product
Part 5: Setup Sales Funnel: Setup Salespage
Part 5.1 Setup Thank You Pages
Part 5.2 Setup Upsell/Downsell Pages
Part 6: Domain, Nameservers & Uploading Site Files
Part 7: Building Salespage With WordPress
Part 8: Setting Up WarriorPlus Account & Integrations
Part 9: Setting Up Product Listing at WarriorPlus
Part 9.1: Setting Up a Sales Funnel at WarriorPlus
Part ?? and beyond……..JVZOO & Clickbank, launching & advanced tips and tricks coming later.

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  1. I'm a new subscriber on WarriorPlus plateform and I have a question (I don't find an answer anywhere). It's something that I'd really like to understand, because it would really orient my promotion strategy. So, when we get accepted by a vendor and get the affiliate link – this link is Business to Business link? Not Business to Customer. here is an example : the link I've got for the promotion of vegan smoothies guide ebook : (50+ HEALTHY SMOOTHIES PLR EBOOK) – when I click on it, I clearly see a sales page which is not adressed to the final customer, the person who would be interested to buy this ebook. So, I just can't offer this link to random people interested in vegan smoothies. Who would be my target groop in this case? I'm really confused about this – would be awesome if you could clarify.

  2. A question I watch another video setting up with Warrior plus for affiliates there is two affiliate payment you have to make. The Warrior plus affiliate to get your product on deal of the day so it could be viewed on the top of the list and the payment to the affiliates promoting your stuff. How much commission do you give each affiliates promoting your PLR and how much commission do you give Warrior plus to make your offer deal of the day?

  3. If I keep warriorplus commision as 0 then will it affect my offer or sales in any ways? or will it stop showing in the marketplace?

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