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WarriorPlus Vs JVZOO Vs WarriorForum Payments

I’ve been selling infoproducts for about 2 and 1/2 years at Warriorplus and JVZOO. Both are GREAT selling/affiliate marketing platforms and I highly recommend both!

For me, warriorplus generates about 20X more sales than JVZOO. This is because I started using warriorplus wayyyy before JVZOO. Anyhow, both platforms are easy to use, and I have nothing bad to say about either.

About 3 years ago, WarriorForum was purchased by and then launched their very own warrior payments system to compete with warriorplus and jvzoo. It was a new system, and I didn’t want to risk launching on a new platform, with new affiliates, and new setups, and potential buggy problems.

So I put off using warrior payments until now…

Today, June 3, 2017, is the first time I launched a product at Warriorforum with their very own Warrior Payments system.

It was pretty easy to use and understand at first. However, there’re bugs and big issues!

Payment buttons contained some syntax errors of some sort. Check here: 

The biggest confusing problem is not being able to add in a salespage URL. I have no idea why such an most important thing was made so difficult to do.

Anyhow, I was still able to obtain the payment buttons, got my threads approved, and product launched.

STILL, the button contains the errors, and I still don’t know if not adding a salespage URL is gonna affect my funnel setup or not.

WOW! After 3 years, I cannot believe that the warriorforum payments platform still have these obvious problems. Also, the  marketplace is a ghost town with about a few launches a week and a few sales here and there from ALL sellers. These were the “last 30 days” stats for the entire marketplace. There were less than 50 products and ONLY 1 seller made more than 10 sales. The rest made less than 10.

In conclusion, I cannot recommend warrior payments. Stay away from using them. Maybe I’ll try them again in a couple of years and see if there are any improvements. For now, stick with WarriorPlus and JVZOO. Yes! You CAN sell your products at both marketplaces!


  1. I was interested in reading this post. Because I had the very same issues. WarriorForum (WSO) are long gone, as you mentioned a GhostTown. Also, you can get trolls commenting on your product. Plus, there is too much going on the page that takes your potential customers away, such as Ads etc. Stay away from the WSO, there dead and not worth the effort. And by the way, there $20 a pop just to post 1 WSO. Whereas WarriorPlus and JvZoo are free.

    1. Thanks! You make some GREAT points!
      Launching a WSO at the Warriorforum costs $20!

      It’s too bad, warriorforum used to be such a great place for IMers. I launched my infoproduct business with my 1st WSO there. I hope Warriorforum can recover, but probably unlikely to happen.

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