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Weebly Review: Is It a Good FREE Website Builder Tool?

My Weebly review + Tutorial on How to Make A Weebly Site and Blog. Is weebly free? Yes it is free to use, visit weebly.

What is weebly? Weebly is a professional and easy to use website builder tool. Weebly may very well be the best visual website builder tool on the internet!

Weebly Review, The Good Things:
– EASY to use to create your business sites, personal sites, and online store
– Easy drag and drop site building tool
– LOTS of professional beautiful looking themes/templates

Weebly Review, The Bad Things:
– Spend some extra cash if upgrading for more file storage space (free plan has 500 mb storage), your own domain, and more features for selling products online.

If you want to check out Weebly, I appreciate it if you
sign up with my affiliate link here, it’s free and I will only earn a commission if you upgrade.

* If you use weebly and want to use your own domain, do not purchase domain names from them, it’s more costly. Buy domains from another place for much cheaper, and then connect it to your Weebly website. Take a look at My Domain Deals and register dot com domains for as low as $1 each:

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