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My Top 5 CPA Networks For Affiliates + Plus Free Guide On Getting Accepted!


CPA means cost per action and is  simply just another form of affiliate marketing. Unlike the infamous clickbank affiliate network, where affiliates make money by promoting digital products and earning a commission only when a sale is made. With CPA (cost per action), affiliates can make money on all kinds of digital + physical products and services. An affiliate can earn commissions on various actions such as: when someone submits a form, when someone downloads a product, or when a sale is generated.

One of the most popular  CPA  offers are the email submit offers. For example, when someone enters their email and click on the submit button, the affiliate will earn around $1.25 – $1.50. Here’s an example of an email submit offer:


These are some of the easiest CPA offers to make money from. Why? Because people love freebies, and all they (the visitors) have to do is submit their email addresses and they can claim a free gift like the $100 amazon gift card in the above screenshot. So the affiliate is offering free stuff to visitors and making money on each and every one of these email submitted.

There are many other types of form submit CPA offers which pays $20 – $50+  when visitors fill out longer forms such as: submitting payday loan application, insurance forms to get a quote, loan application form, and many others!

Then there are also these other types of CPA offers such as : pay per download, pay per call, and of course the pay per sale. So overall, CPA marketing is really like the all-in-one of affiliate offers.

Don’t be fooled though, many CPA networks pop up, get big, and then disappear quickly within a year of operating along with your hard earned money.

Here’s my list of the top 5 CPA Networks. These ones are the biggest and most trusted networks; they’ve been around for years, they’ve paid on time, and they have quality CPA offers with competitive commissions. 

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Beware of newer CPA networks with no history and reviews. A lot of CPA networks simply just broker their offers from the other big CPA networks. Meaning, affiliates will earn less commissions compared with going direct to the top 5 CPA networks.

You’ve worked hard to earn money from CPA, you don’t want to have to worry about getting paid. That’s why I recommend you to only sign up with the top CPA networks with an established long history of operation and good reputation.

Free Guide On How To Get Accepted To CPA Networks, Click Here!

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