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What is GPL WordPress Plugins & Themes, is it LEGAL? Should You Buy GPL?

WordPress users may not know that all wordpress themes and plugins including free and paid premium ones are under GPL rights. GPL stands for general public license and it grants users the rights to modify, share, giveaway, and even resell ANY free or paid premium wordpress plugins and themes.

Learn more about GPL here:
Wordpress’s official GPL rights:

Is this really legal to buy or resell? Yes!
Is this ethical? NO!

Let me know what you guys think.

Thanks for viewing.

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  1. Thanks for making this video. I was considering a GPL woo-commerce plugin, you've helped me to decide that it''s not the ethical thing to do..

  2. Hey there, how can i reach out to you to for help and advice on a compilation channel, I already have a compilation channel and im doing all the SEO and marketing and all that, but it still isnt genererating views

  3. Nice video Leon as always. You know I've always wanted to code WordPress plugins but it's that clause that makes it like duh! Should I? But I see you do sell plugins yourself. So kindly help me understand this, should I do it from scratch, or do it the way in this video? You know, improve what's already working, or worked and sell that. And how do you yourself go about doing it? TIA.

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