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Youtube Shorts Monetization CPM vs Long Videos vs TikTok CPM

Monetizing Video Content: YouTube Shorts vs. Long Videos vs. TikTok CPM


The digital age has transformed content creation into a viable career, with platforms like YouTube and TikTok leading the charge in video content. But how do these platforms stack up when it comes to monetization, particularly in terms of Cost Per Mille (CPM)? In this post, we’ll dive into the monetization prospects of YouTube Shorts, traditional long YouTube videos, and TikTok, comparing their CPM rates and potential earnings for creators.

YouTube Shorts Monetization CPM

YouTube Shorts, the platform’s answer to the short-form video trend, offers a CPM rate of around $0.05. While this might seem low, the massive scale of viewership these shorts can achieve offers a unique opportunity for creators to monetize their content. The key is volume; a high number of views can compensate for the lower CPM, making it possible for creators to earn significant revenue.

Long Videos on YouTube

In contrast, traditional long videos on YouTube have a CPM rate ranging from $1 to $3. This variance is influenced by several factors, including the video’s niche, audience location, and engagement metrics. Long videos have the advantage of offering more ad slots, including pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads, which can significantly boost earnings, especially for content that retains viewers for longer durations.

TikTok CPM

TikTok, another giant in the short-form video domain, presents a CPM of approximately $0.03. While this is lower than YouTube Shorts, TikTok’s immense popularity and engagement rates present ample monetization opportunities. Creators are encouraged to leverage TikTok’s virality potential, where even a single hit video can garner millions of views, translating to considerable earnings despite the lower CPM.

Comparative Earnings

Comparing earnings across these platforms can be challenging due to varying engagement rates, audience demographics, and content niches. However, generally speaking, creators might find more stable and higher earnings from long videos on YouTube due to the higher CPM and greater ad inventory. Meanwhile, YouTube Shorts and TikTok require strategic content creation and marketing to fully capitalize on their lower CPM rates but higher potential for viral reach.


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