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Top 6 Affiliate Programs for Credit Cards and Finance Offers

Welcome to our post about the top affiliate programs for credit cards and finance-related offers. Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer or just starting out, finding the right program can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack—only less fun. But don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you!

Top 6 Affiliate Programs

Here’s our roundup of the best affiliate programs that can help you earn impressive commissions by promoting credit cards and finance offers. We’ll dive into each program’s details, such as requirements, ad types, commissions, and payouts.

  1. Affiliate Program

    Requirements: Approval is based on content quality and traffic sources. Ad Types: Banners, text links. Commission: Varies. Payout: Monthly, $100 minimum.

  2. OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card

    Requirements: Focus on consumer credit. Ad Types: Text links, banners. Commission: Cost per action (CPA) model. Payout: Bi-monthly, $50 minimum.

  3. Experian Connect Affiliate Program

    Requirements: Good site traffic and reputation. Ad Types: Various creative formats. Commission: Performance-based. Payout: Monthly, no minimum.

  4. CommissionSoup Affiliate Network

    Requirements: Must pass a thorough review. Ad Types: Banners, email campaigns. Commission: Varies by offer. Payout: Monthly, $100 minimum.

  5. Bankrate Credit Cards Affiliate Program

    Requirements: Financial services content preferred. Ad Types: Widgets, APIs. Commission: Per lead. Payout: Net-30, $100 minimum.

  6. American Express Affiliate Program

    Requirements: High-quality financial content. Ad Types: Premium branding. Commission: Typically per approval. Payout: Custom terms.

  7. Progrexion Credit Repair Affiliate Program

    Requirements: Credit-focused sites. Ad Types: Text links, banners. Commission: Per lead or sale. Payout: Monthly, $50 minimum.

Summary Table

Program Requirements Ad Types Commission Type Payout Quality content Banners, links Varies Monthly, $100 min
OpenSky® Consumer credit focus Links, banners CPA Bi-monthly, $50 min
Experian Connect Good traffic Various Performance-based Monthly, no min
CommissionSoup Thorough review Banners, email Varies Monthly, $100 min
Bankrate Finance content Widgets, APIs Per lead Net-30, $100 min
American Express High-quality content Premium branding Per approval Custom terms
Progrexion Credit sites Links, banners Per lead/sale Monthly, $50 min

Overall Thoughts

While affiliate marketing in the finance sector can be lucrative, it requires a careful approach. Each of these programs has its strengths and peculiarities. It’s important to align your site’s content with the right program to maximize your earnings potential. Remember, it’s not just about choosing the program with the highest commission but also the one that best fits your audience’s needs.


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