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Display Banner Ads to Visitors With Adblockers


This is an easy way to display banner ads to your website visitors with AdBlockers on. No banner ad views = loss in possible profits for website owners.

How to change your banner ad codes to bypass the adblockers…(see video for details)

1) Modification affiliate link URL (optional however I recommend).
2) Modification source image URL.
3) Modification banner size.

It does not matter what type of site you have (wordpress, online forums, or whichever CMS), you’ll have to customize the banner code a little in order to display the banner ads to your visitors.

* Please keep in mind, this technique does not work for ALL ads such as: text ads, native ads, google adsense ads. Some ads from ad networks can not be customized. In this case a great deal of leading websites are utilizing content locker rather. Video tutorial coming soon on content locker …

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