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How to Make Money Money With Amazon Affiliate Marketing

To make more money with amazon affiliate marketing, you need to choose a niche that is not too small yet not so broad.

By now, make sure you have already signed up and have an amazon affiliate account. Also, see my amazon affiliate registration tutorial video  if you need to.

When the amazon affiliate site effectively talks visitors into purchasing an item through its content, it earns the affiliate commission.

The concept behind developing an affiliate site is to talk people into purchasing items through affiliate links. However, that does not mean that you need to bombard your amazon affiliate site with all sorts of affiliate links spread throughout randomly with hopes that individuals will click through by some odd possibility. This method is doomed from the start. The very best method is to just choose a  niche that you either like or have no issue discussing and after that go from there.

Keep in mind that you need to function as the expert middleman in between the amazon and the purchasers, and as such you will have to make their acquiring choices simpler. So having experience or understanding of the products that you promote on your amazon affiliate site will make it simpler for you to review and recommend the items.

Choosing the right niche. 

If you choose to promote unusual collector things, you’ll be narrowing down your niche too much and likely will only make one-off sales from each customer. You want to be in a niche that you can keep selling to the same customers over and over again. Example would be organic dog snacks. Its a cool niche to be in, good for the the dogs and the owners have to buy more of it over and over again. You promote to the dog owners a wide variety of snacks for dogs, they’ll keep coming back for more!

What is a Good Amazon Affiliate Website?

Having a cool and considerably practical looking site is absolutely important for Amazon affiliates.

And having a practical, cool looking affiliate site does not need to be expensive or difficult to setup. Due to the fact that when starting out, you will preferably deal with a low-cost option that will permit you to concentrate on making a profit while you grow your site without you needing to drain your budget from the first day.

It can take from one to 5 months until you see profit. Just remember one thing, this is a long term (highly profitable) path. You’ll be building a true business asset. So, keep that in mind!

The very first phase is to just develop your Amazon Affiliate site without stressing over getting all of the fancy bells and whistles. You have to merely have a site where you can create your niche content and promote your affiliate links.

This very first phase needs you to buy, 2 aspects: hosting and domain. The most affordable option to web hosting is shared hosting. We advise you to purchase a shared hosting plan that you can pay on a month-to-month basis to a hosting company such as HostGator (I’ve been using them for years without problems! Read my review here). Shared hosting strategies can go as low-cost as a few dollars a month, and they will work perfectly for your new site(s).

You will likewise need to purchase a domain for your site. Your domain is just your site address (such as, and you can likewise purchase your domain from HostGator or use godaddy. Now, getting a domain looks easy, however there are some guidelines to follow.

Do not be lured to use “exact match” keywords for your domain name. Exact match domains are domain that are comprised from a mix of specific niche keywords that you will target for your site, such as choosing the “” as your domain.

With google’s new search engine updates, exact match domains will not help you get better ranking positions anymore. In the past, a big number of online marketers utilize exact match domains because of that, however the fact is that Google and other online search engine got that pattern a couple of years earlier and upgraded their online search engine algorithms to disregard exact match domains for SEO.

The ideal strategy now is to come up with a brandable name that isn’t really an exact match of your target keywords. Something like or, something short, cool, and has at least your main keyword in it.

Choosing the .com extension for your domain is a MUST! However, if your domain is not readily available as a .com, then choose extension. I advise you to not get other “weird” domain extensions, such as .club, .land, .xyz, etc. These do not look appealing and not so trustworthy to any audience. So keep away from them if you want to be serious about building an authority amazon affiliate website like the big boys!


Tweaking Your Niche Keywords.

Utilizing the appropriate set of keywords is vital for any sort of affiliate sites. Now you will have to utilize a keyword research tool such as Google’s own “Keyword planner”, which will enable you to enter your target keywords and identify their search volume and information including their typical regular monthly search volumes, their rank, and their competitors.

You will have to do some research around them to enhance your opportunities to outrank other websites as soon as you figure out which ones are your target keywords.


Creating High Converting Content

Content is king. There is no rejecting that the content can make or break a site. Again, we are focusing on long term results here. The most time spent will be on producing these high quality 1000-2000+ word content around your niche products. Quality content ranks higher…period!

Real internet marketing researchers have actually discovered that the typical length of articles on Affiliate sites ranking on the very first page of Google have 2,000+ words and longer.

Long quality content is a win/win for everyone. Visitors will love your content, and google will absolutely love it! Higher rankings, more traffic, and more amazon affiliate commissions for sure!

This is the best way to build a true authority amazon affiliate site.

Scaling up your amazon affiliate marketing.

Now, as soon as your site begins growing and getting an increasing number in traffic, you will need to begin making some modifications to it. The 2nd phase may include upgrading your hosting plan (talk to your host for recommendations). At this time it is recommended to do the following:

✓ Get a great looking theme design for your affiliate site such as “Kingdom by Woocommerce” WordPress style for Amazon Affiliates.

✓ SSL certificate is suggested, however not obligatory. This will include an additional layer of security for your site, and it looks excellent on the address bar and better search engine rankings! (There are Free SSL you can get too! LetsEncrypt).

Watch the completely free amazon affiliate marketing tutorial videos here. You’ll learn how to register and copy the strategies from top amazon affiliates.




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