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BEWARE! FLIPPA Scams – My FLIPPA Review + Website Appraisal Service!

BEWARE! FLIPPA Scams - My FLIPPA Review + Website Appraisal Service!

In my Flippa review video, I’ll show you several Flippa scams websites being sold. There are a LOT of suspicious scam-looking websites for sale at Flippa. You have to be very careful when buying any websites on Flippa nowadays.

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Some general tips on buying websites on Flippa or at other marketplaces:
1) Avoid outrageous claims. An automated website making 00/mo being auctioned for peanuts is a big red flag!

2) Sites that are brand new with huge income claims.
3) Suspicious traffic and income stats

If you have to question a lot of things and the seller is not upfront about them, something is not right. Walk away from this future headache.

Again, save yourself the time, use my appraisal service and I’ll sniff out anything scammy and warn your about the domain or website you are interested in buying.

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  1. So true, unfortunately. I also strongly advise to check the backlink toxicity score using SEMRush (backlink audit) or another similar service + the history on Most websites will fall very fast due to a toxic backlink profile.

  2. Mostly people sell readymade templates and code that is available free. they just host on own server and sell it.

  3. these websites do not exist anymore.. so profitable website already gone.. hahahah both cheap and expensive ones..

  4. Filippa is a scam : I bought a website and after one day the guy that sold was banned . Money lost
    Should be like Ebay or amazon : more protection for the buyer

  5. Aw stats shows where traffic comes from. Yeah it doesn't look as fancy as Google analytics but your data is actually safe and more precise since it comes from the server itself, not code snippet on the website

  6. Thanks bro! You probably saved me a couple of grand in heartache, because I was literally just thinking of doing this!

  7. ᔕɊᑌᎥᗪᗪƳᔕ,ᔕ丅ᗩᗰᑭƳᔕ,ᗩᔕᕼᗴᔕ ᗩᑎᗪ ᑭØᑭᑌᒪᗩᖇᗰᗰᗝᔕ FᗩŇ says:

    why would people sell an app for 100 dollars when it makes for example 500, is there a reason? do they get money any other way

  8. There's 1 good reason why you might bid for a website even if it's technically a "scam": If you want to buy a new website that is already built. Remember that they did took some time to build the websites. Paying $200-$400 for a website that is already built is cheap regardless of the revenues of the website.

    With that said, you got to watch out that there's no ways for the seller to take back the website after the purchase.

  9. I was contacted by a buyer to buy my app with bitcoin with coinstrader. Is there a scam going on with this?

  10. First, thanks for making this video. I think solid and credible information. That being said, is there an alternative to Flippa that you would recommend?

  11. how do I know the monthly profits are legit? Can that stat be faked or are the analytics real? How can I make sure the stat is real?

  12. Thank you so much dude. I really like your vids. Could you possibly make a tutorial about flipping domains and the things to be cautious about, PLZ.

  13. Actually people do use awstats since its in the cpanel and shows direct numbers. plus its so ignorant to say that a seller bought paid traffic by paying for adwords. Adwords is the most approved of source of getting traffic by google. And you act like traffic doesnt exist for websites BEFORE google analytics was installed.

  14. FYI numbers can be so easily faked with inspect element, and not just in the database. Not many people know that.

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