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My FLIPPA Review: FLippa Scams Site Appraisal Service

In my Flippa review video, I’ll reveal you numerous Flippa scams sites being sold. There are a Great Deal Of suspicious scam-looking websites for sale at Flippa. You have to be very careful when buying any sites on Flippa nowadays.

If you require my domain and website appraisal service, have a look at:
I use most appraisal services for $20.

Some basic pointers on purchasing websites on Flippa or at other markets:
1) Prevent outrageous claims. An automatic website making $1000/mo being auctioned for peanuts is a huge warning!

2) Websites that are brand name brand-new with huge earnings claims.
3) Suspicious traffic and earnings statistics

If you need to question a great deal of things and the seller is not upfront about them, something is wrong. Ignore this future headache.

Once again, conserve yourself the time, utilize my appraisal service and I’ll ferret out anything scammy and caution your about the domain or website you have an interest in purchasing.

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