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I Review and Expose More Flippa Scams!

I am exposing more flippa scammers. It’s amazing so many newbie website buyers get suckered into buying these garbage websites with outrageous income claims.
*See my other video Flippa Scams Part 1 👉

Flippa tips:
I would stay away from any “NEW” sites with income claims within past 6 months. These are usually cookie cutter “pump and dump” kind of sites. I would buy only sites that have years of history that includes years of traffic stats, and income. These are more difficult to fake since public tracking tools will have years of traffic/backlink stats you can compare with the seller’s stats. Plus will also have records of the site and what it looks like in the past.

Also, stay away from any new sites that uses paid traffic as the majority of their traffic. If the paid traffic is gone, your earning is gone!

And if its making easy passive income, no seller
would sell that unless something bad is going on. Trust me, no stranger is that nice to sell you a good money making property for cheap.

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