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Facebook Page Rental Scam With FB Business Manager + Instant Articles Scam

Here’s a true story of how my facebook fanpage with 160k likes/followers got stolen by  a scammer pretending to rent my Facebook Page for huge amounts of money. The scammer pretended to be from Facebook Instant Article, and utilizing Facebook Business Manager to acquire ownership to my facebook page.

It was a fast and easy scam. You really have to see the video above to see how the scam works.

NO admin access to my page was ever given! Yet, Facebook Business Manager took control of my page, and I can’t do anything to remove the scammer later on. Now my page is stolen and Facebook is seriously no Help! *The FB help center suggested me to contact the scammer and beg for my page back!? What kind of advice is that!? Like the scammer is just going to hand me back my page just like that…

I played with fire and got burned! If you got your facebook page stolen, here’re some tips. You must act quickly!

1) Quickly remove your page from FB business manager if still possible. This is the best opportunity to get your page back.

2) File a report if you still have admin access to page:

3) Report your own page to facebook by sending them a feedback.

I had no idea that clicking on a facebook business manager link can make me an employee of a business, and that all pages added can be taken by the owner of the FB business manager. *There was really no alerts or warnings, or notification that I was an employee; and there’s nothing one can do to undo or reverse the action.

Facebook business manager…Facebook need to close this loophole being exploited by these scammers!

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