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Case Study: What Are The Top Social Bookmarking Sites? – How I Got 2500+ Visitors in 1 Day


A Social bookmarking website is a site that displays links shared by users. Links submitted by users are voted on, and good links with more votes will be seen by more people.

Social bookmarking not only drives traffic to your websites, but it is also a good way to build backlinks for SEO.

My Social Bookmarking Case Study

Back in February 2014, I was trying to build traffic to a couple of my other sites using just social bookmarking.

I submitted my sites to all of the most popular social bookmarking or social sharing sites such as delicious,, pinterest, stumbleupon, reddit, folkd, twitter, facebook, and many others.

Here’s the thing to note, all of my accounts at these top social bookmarking sites were brand new with zero fans & followers. 

Here are the social bookmarking results:

 My Website #1 traffic data


My Website #2 traffic data


So I’ve submitted my sites to all of the top social bookmarking websites; and sent me the most traffic with 2500+ visitors in 1 day! Reddit was #2 and sent some traffic, and it was a mere 162 something visitors. Twitter was #3 and sent a tiny 62 visitors. All the other top social bookmarking sites didn’t even come close with any noticeable traffic numbers.

Here’s a more in dept view of the behavioral stats from my website #1:


If you want to generate these hundreds and thousands of new visitors to your website, simply submit only interesting links to your website. Links that are worthy of being shared and voted such as funny or weird content. 

That’s the power of social bookmarking. 

Thanks for reading!

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    1. There are software to automate the process. It’s better to do it manually, so you can choose the right categories and keywords for your links.

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