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Cheap File Hosting For InfoProduct Sellers

NEVER utilize your shared hosting server account to host your files. The files will be slower and you might get suspended from your host because their servers are not intended for file storage/file sharing.

 I use MediaFire and the free google drive to host my client files. I have had 207,000+ customer downloads of my own files at MediaFire, quick speeds, no advertisements, no limitations, and simple to utilize, uncomplicated INEXPENSIVE rates. It’s 100X more affordable than utilizing Amazon S3 to host my files. 

I saved $3,000 by NOT utilizing Amazon AWS S3 file hosting services to offer my ebooks, videos, and software application files.

If you’re a brand-new infoproduct seller, use google drive, it’s FREE!
They might restrict your files download access to if you have a lot of downloads simultaneously though., it’s low-cost file hosting at $3.75 to $5 monthly.

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