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CPanel Tutorial : How to Use File Manager to Upload Website Files

In this quick and easy CPanel tutorial, learn how to upload your website files by using the CPanel file manager.

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  1. Hi There, Just came across your page, not sure if your still teaching etc.?? but was wanting to ask you how i would go about uploading a style from my phpBB into my file manager styles folder to give me a new page or a landing page for my site,I am new at this and looking for any help possible, also would i need winrar etc to extract files and upload all the files to my file manager styles folder, any help would be most grateful.thanks.

  2. My problem is I only have online file manager in my cpanel, the file manager you are using is showing demo Mode and when I use it, it doesn't upload my file. I don't know how to fix this. I would appreciate it if you show me another method to upload to cpanel

  3. Thank you very much! This is is very well done and I have learnt some very informative information here! You have made it easy to understand.

    But please tell me. I have noticed that when uploading files using filemanager, there is no option to upload the files in ASCII format. As l understand (if I am at all correct), transferring in ASCII format is used so that some of the data does not end up corrupted on the server after the initial upload because the files is transferred from a Windows computer to a Linux server, for example. So I would like to know what alternatives are there to getting the same results as uploading in ASCII format? Should I just upload the files in a zip folder and extract afterwards (would that work?) or are there any other alternatives to uploading in ASCII format in file manager?

    I am asking because what if the file you wish to upload, must be uploaded in ASCII format? Please advise.
    Thanks so much for your advice.

  4. Highly annoying the title reads = "CPanel Tutorial: How to Use File Manager to Upload Website Files" and he does not show how to do the index.html so where do you put it? The system is not going to know your index.html is in a new folder and won't look there. Thumbs down.

  5. can you send me this manager file so that i can install it on my server. I would like to solve this problem
    send me that on this mail =>

  6. i have a question
    ihave done php system and it's work at localhost ,but at online mode on Cpanel the redirect of login page does not work
    please give me a help

  7. Please help me, i am lost my Ecommerce template and when i try to make import for demo again i can't

  8. I'm trying to add an ebook that I created with Kotobee Author to my wordpress website. I exported the book as an Web App, but I don't know in which folder I should put it in. If you can help me with that it would be great!

  9. Great video. So this means I can upload an EPub file to be accessed by the world virtually, like ebook?

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