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Flippa Scams Part 2: I Review and Expose More Scammers Selling Garbage Websites

I’m back at it again reviewing Flippa and I exposing more scammers at work. It’s amazing so many newbie website buyers get suckered into buying these garbage websites with outrageous income claims.
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Flippa tips:
I would stay away from any “NEW” sites with income claims within past 6 months. These are usually cookie cutter “pump and dump” kind of sites. I would buy only sites that have years of history that includes years of traffic stats, and income. These are more difficult to fake since public tracking tools will have years of traffic/backlink stats you can compare with the seller’s stats. Plus will also have records of the site and what it looks like in the past.

Also, stay away from any new sites that uses paid traffic as the majority of their traffic. If the paid traffic is gone, your earning is gone!

And if its making easy passive income, no seller
would sell that unless something bad is going on. Trust me, no stranger is that nice to sell you a good money making property for cheap.

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  1. Hi,
    I am looking for legit website. How do i identify legit website?Is there any alternative for Flippa?

  2. Thank you for your review! Do you know why is Filppa allowing these kinds of Scams? I mean, there are a lot of sellers in Filppa selling this kind of "business" earning thousands of dollars over time… so this means that the seller is repeatedly copying the same scammy strategy and what's even worst, it's working for him. But Flippa does not take part in that… maybe because at the end it's business for them too?

  3. I wish that I had known about this 3 months ago. I bought a ecom site for about 450$ and claimed to be making money like 1400$/mon. I believed it at first, but I saw traffic stats on my website not so long ago and it wasn’t accurate. I did put negative review at the last minute, but after that the seller got deleted or something (can’t find him anyway)
    But Thank you for clearing it up for me!

  4. Love the video thank you fro the insight and What are good signs that a website is legit?! Can you demo a legit website?!

  5. Hi Leon, thank you for all your insights and recommendations. Which site do you recommend to sell a dormant e-commerce + inventory?
    They sent an estimate of 8 to 9 thousand dollars. In my case, I have no sales because I'm not in the US anymore but there's no way to put that info in Flippa (for the evaluation). I was about to subscribe to Flippa and found this, but then what? How can I put my business on sale on a reliable free of scam platform?

  6. I wish I had seen this about 10 days ago. I bought a site from 1 of the sellers you went over called SmartWebStudio. I lost $300 so it could have been worse. The guy was awful to me and Flippa does not care. I blame it on Flippa because they know these people are scamming. Horrible.

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