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HostGator Review: Tech Support is Not Good!

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Comprehensive Review of HostGator: Costs, Features, and User Experience

Overall Score: 3.5/5


HostGator, one of the veterans in the web hosting arena, has been around since 2002, hosting over 2 million domains. However, as much as numbers speak volumes, they don’t always tell the full story. In this detailed review, we will dive deep into what makes HostGator tick, and perhaps more crucially, where it ticks off its users.

Pricing and Value for Money

HostGator Pricing Plans

Despite its robust service offering, HostGator is often criticized for its pricing. The plans, while feature-rich, come at a premium compared to competitors like Namecheap, which offers quality hosting services starting at just $1.98 per month.

Features and Flexibility

HostGator Features

HostGator’s feature set is comprehensive, which includes one-click installations, a free website builder, and unlimited bandwidth. However, these features come with the “luxury” of a higher price tag. Explore more about HostGator features here.


The average loading time for HostGator hosted websites hovers around the industry standard, albeit not the fastest. This is a crucial aspect to consider for anyone looking to optimize their website’s SEO and user experience.

Customer Service

Where HostGator’s sails begin to deflate is their customer service. Users have expressed frustrations over slow response times and less than helpful support, which can be a dealbreaker for webmasters requiring immediate assistance.

User Reviews and Ratings

Source Rating
Trustpilot 3.2/5
PCMag 4/5
TechRadar 3.5/5


In summary, while HostGator offers a comprehensive suite of features, the premium you pay might not justify the means, especially when alternatives like Namecheap provide a cheaper ($1.98/month) yet quality service. For those where budget is less of a concern, and the richness of features outweighs the cost, HostGator remains a strong contender in the hosting arena.


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