PopAds.net is a HUGE popup advertising network. According to the alexa rankings, PopAds.net is the top 215th most popular site in the world.

If you’ve never heard of them, good, just stay away from them. 

Though, I have heard some good things about popads.net when it comes to making money as publishers. But I’ve seen almost no good reviews coming from advertisers.

Anyhow, I’ve decided to open an advertiser’s account and test it out myself.


On December 12, 2013, I’ve started some campaigns. The campaign setup was not straightforward, cluttered, and kind of confusing just to setup a darn campaign. I can see how a lot of advertisers can lose money rather quickly because targeting is not very clear.

Anyhow, I’ve spend $20 got a couple of thousand pops to my CPA offers. The offers were simple CPA email submit offers for free stuff and other simple form submits. I always rotate the CPA offers. 

Guess What? Not a single submit. ZERO lead.

I think PopAds pays pretty good for publishers though. I can see these people arbitraging a lot. So these publishers can send mass amounts of fake or cheap traffic, generate the popups, get pay pretty nicely for the popups.

The advertisers on the other hand, have to pay for these worthless popups. 

So I don’t think I’ll ever try popads.net again. I don’t like the control panel, the traffic can’t convert on simple offers. Targeting is not good. 

I like PPV a whole lot more than this, that’s for sure.

Anyways, this is just my experience with popads.net. They are a legit ad network, but the quality is just not there for me.

Have you tried popads.net? Leave a comment.

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