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Video Tutorial: How to Add Dynamic Keyword Insertion Into Landing Pages For PPC Adwords, BingAds, 7search, and Leadimpact PPV


A lot of people have been asking me about how to use dynamic keyword insertion for their landing pages. So I decided to just make a quick 15 minute video tutorial on how to insert the dynamic keyword into a landing page from PPC ad networks such as: BingAds, Google Adwords, 7search, and Leadimpact (PPV).

Watch the video tutorial and learn about using dynamic keyword insertion for your landing pages:

So basically, I use php to grab the dynamic keyword parameter. 

The code is:

<?php echo $_GET[‘keyword’] ?>

You can use html codes for your landing pages as normal but just save the file as .php and then insert the code above anywhere you like to insert the dynamic keyword.

Here are some different URL with the keyword parameter. But all will display the same landing pages.{keyword}{keyword}{keyword}{keyword}&tid2=

The {keyword} is what the visitor used to trigger your ad and how he got to your landing page.
Go ahead and test the URLs above out. Replace {keyword} with whatever keyword you want to try and see what happens.

Again, this {keyword} is automatically replaced by the ad system (such as BingAds or Adwords) for whatever keyword that triggered your ad when the visitor clicks on your ad and lands on your landing page. Remember Not all ad networks use {keyword}, for example, 7 search uses ###KEYWORD###. 

Why do you need to use dynamic keyword insertion?

It’s totally optional, but some PPC marketers use dynamic keyword insertion to display the searched keywords on their landing pages because it may help improve the PPC quality score. Another reason is when a visitor gets to your landing page and he sees that your landing page contains the exact keywords he searched for, it may increase engagement or conversion rate. 

I hope you now have a better understanding & usage of dynamic keyword insertion.

Have a question?

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  1. Hello Leon, I’ve been following your outlined steps in setting up dynamic insertion on my Landing Page and I can’t seem to get it right. I placed the dynamic insertion codes on the places I want the keywords to appear, but when I tested it, the keywords were inserted into the page quite alright, but then the pictures didn’t show. Where the pictures could have been, it was just blank. I’m doing something wrong here, please I need your advice…thank you!

  2. One more thing…should I add the {keyword} in my Bing Ads that I’ve just created, so that it will appear with the keyword the user typed in on the Bing search engine? I hope I’m making sense? 😉

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