In this day and age, direct linking is usually for the lazy affiliate marketers. But, it still works!

A warriorforum member, CAVOW, posted:

“This is my first post here in the community, I opened my account back in 2011 but never really used it , anyways, I just wanted to say that I’m a newbie in affiliate marketing , I jumped into it two weeks ago, I chose a CPC network to drive traffic to a Clickbank offer and surprisingly I made a sale, I really didn’t know what I was doing  I also wasn’t tracking anything or building any list  it was CPC traffic directly to the sale’s page. “

Which PPC ad network did CAVOW use?

“I used BingAds for my CPC campaign and was paying between 0.2 and 0.6 a click in a campaign with 20$ a month budget . The sale commission was a big fat 25$ which came after spending 10$.”

CAVOW didn’t even track his keywords!

“That’s what I’m gonna do next, the opt-in and tracking/analyzing. And I really don’t know about scaling right now, as I don’t even know which keyword got me the sale”

So you see… direct linking to Clickbank offers still works! However, it is always much better to build presell landing pages, or optin pages, to maximize your affiliate marketing efforts. In other words, build an email list and create long term success!

BingAds is probably the best PPC network for direct linking Clickbank offers. I’ve done it before with very good results. Please don’t try direct linking to clickbank offers with Adwords PPC though, you will get banned! 

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