pick-clickbank-productI’ve gotten to know Leon through his WSO product Penny Per Click.

I told Leon that I wanted to promote clickbank products with PPC. So I asked him to share some tips on how to pick a good clickbank product to promote. After all, Leon was a top clickbank affiliate.

I’m going to be sharing these tips with you below.

1. Pick a product with Gravity higher than 5. I used to believe that if I promoted a product with very low gravity (0-3), I’ll be able to dominate the product names via SEO and PPC. The reality is, there is a reason why that product has such a low gravity. Gravity on Clickbank tells you basically how popular a product is right now; the number of affiliates that have made sales for this product. There isn’t really an exact formula, but but generally high gravity equals more money to the vendors and affiliates.

So the lesson here is that, sure, you can dominate by promoting a product with very low gravity, but chances are, nobody is looking for this product and or interested in buying it. Ideally, you pick a product that is not too high of a gravity (crazy competitions with other affiliates) and not too low of a gravity.

2. You personally have to be interested in the product. I’m a guy that usually follows the money but when Leon told me to check if I personally like a product and would want to buy it, then it may be worthy of promoting.

For various reasons, if the product doesn’t interest you, it probably wouldn’t interest a prospective lead. Not trying to go into new age stuffs but, it has been established that if you don’t feel good about something, the outcome is most likely going to be negative.

But more than these, if the product doesn’t appeal to your buyer’s instinct, chances are, it’s not going to appeal to your lead’s instinct. If you genuinely love a product, it is just generally easier to create promo materials that will likely produce more positive results.

how to pick a clickbank product

3. Stay away from video-only sales pages. This annoys me personally. For God’s sake, I don’t like sitting in front of a 40mins video presentation without a chance to even click on the ‘buy’ button or skip or fast forward the video, because there are no darn buttons! If I don’t like it, my potential subscribers probably wouldn’t too. If the sales page has text and also a video, then that’s fine.

As an affiliate marketer, I always want to see some kind of text on the salespage. So that I can read it and get inspiration from it when creating my own promo materials.

4. Check the Merchant’s history. Some merchants on Clickbank are known to deliver quality while some others don’t have any track record. If you can, dig up as many things about the merchant as you can find. If they have a track record of quality, chances are, the product they will push out will maintain that quality. Remember that a good reputation is more expensive than gold.

5. What is the affiliate earning per sale? On a personal note, I choose between 50%-75%. Lower than that, i’m out. Higher than that, i’m skeptical. Generally, I want to make at least $25+ per sale. I normally want to promote products with a selling price of around $27-$47.  If the product price is too high, then it will be harder to sell. If too low, then I would make less in affiliate sales.

6. Check if the merchant has an affiliate resource page. I don’t like using a merchant’s swipe files but, it’s a good idea to borrow from the given resources. Merchants worth their salt consult professionals to prepare this resource (banners, emails, articles, etc) for their affiliates. Why not take advantage of this opportunity?

What other things do you consider while choosing a product? Please share with us in the comment.

7. Which Clickbank niches are good to promote? There are a thousands of products and a LOT of niches to choose from at the Clickbank marketplace. For me, I like promoting health products and selfhelp products the most. I think these are easier to make sales and they generally have lower refund rates (meaning higher customer satisfaction). I don’t promote a lot of weight loss products though. 

But, be careful though, there are some clickbank scam products you should stay away from promoting; particularly those investing products like forex systems, penny stocks, and gambling guides.

What other things do you consider while choosing an affiliate product? Please share with us in the comments.

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