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The Power of Email Marketing Even With a Tiny Email List!

Today I received an email from a customer of mine, Tommy K.

Originally, Tommy was upset because he blasted an email message to his tiny email list promoting one of my WSO products; and only 10 people opened the email and only 4 clicked on the link to check out the product.

So after 3 hours past by, Tommy decided to check on his JVZOO affiliate stats anyways, and below are the results.

The left shows the Aweber email stats and the right is the JVZOO stats.


So even with only 10 people opening their emails and 4 clicking on the link, this resulted in 2 sales for Tommy. WOW! 4 Clicks and 2 sales, that’s a 50% conversion rate! 

Tommy was so happy that he emailed me the results. And I’m so happy for him that I’ve posted his results here.

So just to remind you affiliate marketers out there, to build your email lists!

Even a small little list can bring you money with the click of a button. That’s the power of email marketing!

Here’s the email Tommy sent me:


Thanks for reading!


  1. Leon, please pass on my congratulations to Tommy. I’ve been having success selling your 1 Penny Click Method, and also using that source, myself! Question: Did Tommy know his list members personally?

    1. Hi Geoff Dodd,

      It’s Tommy here! Thank you for congratulating me. To be honest with you, I don’t really know my list that much. The thing that I do is to provide them with valuable information from time to time. Also, I try my very best to allow my list members to reach me to a more personal level. This is how I get to know them more.

  2. Hi Leon…
    I have purchased your Penny per Click WSO.. this is the way I met you…
    and I’m happy for that! 🙂
    I love the way you interact with your list and the way you create content… by posting about your online “adventures”.. (your cases study) you have remember me that building up a blog can be a really good thing if you create your list of buyers….
    This is one I wanted to tell you since some days ago.. Now, I’d like to send you a private email out .. is this possible?
    Thank you so much!

    p.s. Please, forgive my bad English 😉

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