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Case Study: Can You Make Money With Fiverr Solo Ads?


So a few days ago I decided to do the fiverr challenge. I purchased 8 fiverr solo ad gigs, each of the sellers have 99% positive ratings and a good number of sales. All solo ads are for the IM niche and ranges from 2000 subscribers to millions of subscribers. HAHAHA $5 for blasting you solo ad to 16 million people. Yeah I bought.

Most of the fiverr solo ad gigs claim that I would get thousands of clicks each.

Anyways, I created a solo ad for my ebook (Penny Per Click), it converts at 18% on a good day and 16% on a bad day. So if I could get 1000 “REAL” clicks, then I can potentially get 160-180 sales at $6 each.

So today, all of the fiverr solo ads have been delivered:


My traffic stats:


I think these sellers did some BS to my tracking, because I recorded only some hundreds of clicks in my prosper202 but my JVZOO stats showed thousands of clicks. 


Anyways, how much did I make?

That’s right! I’ve made 1 glorious sale. So somehow out of the thousands of “BOTS” or fake traffic hits, a few  “real people” actually saw my page and one person bought it. 

The thing that gets me is WHY the heck do the majority of these fiverr sellers all have nearly 99% positive ratings with hundreds of sales. 

I don’t want to trash fiverr, I LOVE them! But these solo ads just aren’t good my friends. I’ve paid the price, and hopefully you learned something from this experiment.

I’ve now made 2 sales total from 2 different fiverr solo ad sellers. 

Have you bought any solo ads from fiverr?

Leave a comment.

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    1. Thanks for commenting.
      Yeah, I was very surprised to get even that 1 sale. I don’t know, 1 sale out of 8 gigs is a big negative. For the one gig that gave me that sale, it was a small list and not worth it to split test and scale. I’m gonna leave the fiverr solo ads alone.

  1. Thanks for the article Leon. I pretty much suspected these gigs were a waste of money and you have confirmed it. Btw…probably the reason why the gig sellers have such a high like rate is because almost all of the buyers of these gigs have no clue about traffic and don’t track anything. So if they see 100s or 1000s of hits they are ecstatic with joy. Anyway, that my thoughts on it.

    Take care

  2. I’ve tried them too… BIG Waste. I even tried them a couple of time with different verticals and landing pages.
    All crap as stated. I am actually VERY surprised you got a sell at all.

    Thanks for all you do Leon. OH YEAH! I just got you first WSO on the “secret” traffic source for $6. I already use the source and have been dialing this in for a couple weeks now however the WSO helped confirm that Im on track. You should have a post here somewhere about your WSO.

    1. Thanks buddy for supporting my WSO. I have a small post on the sidebar about the WSO and also made a post about it already. I don’t want to promote too much on this site where it looks like 1 big ad to buy my WSO. Thanks again and good luck to ya!

  3. Hi Leon, you’ve confirmed what I have always believed for Fiverr solo ad gigs. I believe the going rate for solo ads is around $0.30 to $1 a click. So $5 for thousands of clicks is just…well, unreal.


  4. Leon,
    Thanks for forwarding this info.Great timing. I was just getting ready to purchase this gig and I’m sure it is one of those you have listed. Thanks for saving me $5.

  5. Hi Leon,

    I tried these Fiverr solo ads last year and sent them to a freebie, but I didn’t get one sign-up. The tracking on the page told me that most of the visitors came from similar IPs and none stayed on the page for longer that 3 seconds.

    I agree with Rick (above) that the reason these gigs get good ratings is because the buyers don’t have a clue about traffic.

    By the way, I liked your “Penny Per Click” WSO. I always assumed that the source you show would be too expensive. I’m going to give it a try.


    1. Yeah I agree, the traffic is pure garbage. A waste of bandwidth and may even slow down your server. Totally not worth it.

      Thank you! The Penny Per Click source is perfect for people on a small budget, and can also be great for marketers with bigger budgets.

  6. The one that bought is the one that realized he needed your product to get real traffic and not the solo ad bot bs. 🙂

  7. Ps. I bought it. and I have been searching to figure out how to do some dynamic keyword insertion fro my bing ads. There are no videos that describe how to do it step by step. What are your thoughts?

    1. Okay quite a number of people have been requesting this. I’ll make a video tutorial today and will post it up soon.

  8. Hi Leon,

    I just gave a solo ad from fiverr a shot and same results. I am promoting for a company called iProfits. As a comparison I have a gold membership to Joe’s List. I get to send to 8500 members every 3 days. This is LJ’s safelist and not a solo ad. I am averaging about 4 optins per mailing and have made one sale. These are pretty good results for a safelist mailing. I usually have over 200 clicks per mailing..

    Now let us compare the fiverrs gig. I am supposedly having my ad sent to 300k members via his aweber subscriber list. He guarantees 1500 clicks. So far I have a little over 750 clicks and the campaign has stopped. There has not been one op-tin, never mind sales.

    I think these fiverr sellers have millions of traffic exchange credits and are using those. I have been using some traffic exchange credits myself, that I purchased via a New Year’s special. So far I have received 1000’s of hits but not one op-tin. They are a very poor source of traffic.

    I’ve been looking on fiverr for someone having a small list of genuine subscribers or someone who has a larger list but would be willing to put up a top banner when they posted to their members. I mean for $5 it would be worth it. You might get lucky and find a cheap gold mine.


    1. Well the good thing is, you’ve tried it, learned from this, and now you know better.

      Looks like you got something good going on with the safelist membership. Keep it up.

      If you got some more good results, I’d be happy to have you make a guest post at this site explaining how it works and you can also include a link to your downline.

      1. Hi Leon,

        I’ve only been a member of List-Joe for 3 months so maybe I will wait a couple of more months to be able to give a more comprehensive report on what type of email advertising works best. I have found direct selling gets poor results. I’ve only made 1 Clickbank sale so far. I’ve been thinking your report 2014 Penny Per Click might be a good product to promote. I will use an opt-in first though before I pitch them.

        BTW I’m here because I purchased 2014PPC. It was very informative and I think I will try a ******* campaign sometime in the future. I shied away from PPC after I had my Adword account at Google banned permanently. I still don’t understand what I did wrong? I also like your template. It is very easy to edit.

        1. Sounds good. I look forward to your report.

          I got banned from adwords as well, who didn’t?! LOL

  9. Hi Leon, Great post. There are so many junk solo systems out there now it is not funny. I have used a few different types got tons of clicks that were bots or credit for click type traffic! These are great posts, as it avoids us all throwing good money down the drain. Thanks again! Lance

  10. It’s great to see someone coming out to talk about this. I tried a dozen or so highly rated solo vendors and received similar results as yours. How do they get great ratings? I know I sure didn’t rate them highly. Lesson learned.

  11. There could be nothing more teachable than the fact that we have to learn from someone else.

    Learning from your experience should help us make better decision on what really should be applied. I have never been a fan of Fiverr, and I guess the result of this experiment draws me farther from it!

    I have shared this comment in, where I found this content shared, syndicated, and bookmarked for Internet marketers.

    Sunday – contributor

  12. Never been a fan Fiver either, have gotten several mails as regards tutorial about it but somehow it is never enticed not to spoil their mojo but I just don’t think is something, I’m willing to try out…..

    your article further solidifies my resolve… A lot of peeps has had testimonies of how it worked well for them. Well, different strokes for different folks

  13. Always take those positive ratings you see on Fiverr with a grain of salt! Most of the people post positive ratings soon after their gig is completed, so they’re not really saying that the gig was great but the seller completed their order.

    There’s a big difference between a seller completing a gig and a seller actually delivering on the promises in the gig. So many buyers on Fiverr are really green or naive and they really don’t know any better.

    I’ve actually had some good work done on Fiverr and some crappy work done as well. In just about all the cases – both good and bad, the sellers got excellent reviews. Go figure! It’s always buyer beware on that site.

    Thanks Leon for your post on this subject that so few people actually talk about.

  14. Yeah I did have same experience with Fivver. They all BS claim in Fivver but mostly this kind of gigs. What I did always give a bad comment to their gigs. They will contact you back ask me to remove my feedback or comments and will return back your money.

    FYI I just bought your WSO offer “penny per clicks”. BUT don’t have time to go it through yet. Hopefully something different from you look fwd for more info regarding “email marketing” in the future from this blog.

    Have a great day.

    1. Thank you, don’t forget to visit the penny per click FAQs page for more tips. The link is at the bottom of the guide.

  15. Hi, got to disagree here, I did a similar experiment buying solo ads in Fiverr, and well yes, I got awful results the first time, so I went to do my homework and conducted some research, this is actually how I found your experiment, but I found some other interesting ones.

    First I bought 2 gigs, from 2 different sellers, the first one was funny, I bought and he delivered like one hour later, he said he will guarantee 2000 clicks, and got 2100 or something like that, he provided a tracking page as the “proof” of it, the stats just seemed like what it is, a bunch of bots 🙂 funny thing was, 100% from Google Chrome, 100% using Windows (yeah right), and all clicks were delivered in a period of 15-30 minutes (sure).

    My big surprise was next day, I checked my list and I got like 35 opt-ins, then when I started to look at it in more detail figured out, 50% bounced (non-existing emails), the rest not verified.

    I went to the resolution center of fiverr, asked for a Refund, selected poor quality gig, and told the guy, sorry, not happy with the quality please refund. An hour later he agreed and got my credit back.

    The second gig I bought was different, that one did look like real traffic, they guaranteed 5000 unique clicks and signups or refund, I said ok, lets try it out, The traffic was more real, different browsers and OS, and spaced between many hours, like real traffic would be. But I suspect it was from a Traffic Engine or safe lists etc, because I got 0 signups on a squeeze page that normally converts 40% to 50% everytime. So of course the quality of traffic, although was real, was really poor. So I asked for a refund, I got less than 2000 clicks, they guaranteed over 5000, I got 0 opt ins, the guaranteed opt ins or refund, so there you go, they didn’t deliver what they advertised, Asked for a refund, waited for 24 hours, the seller declined, asked for it again, some hours later got the refund.

    So that was when I went to do my research, and found 2 legits gigs, one of them is currently in pause, looks like the guy is off for a year or something now, the 2nd one was from a reputable person, so I used my credit to try I out, and well, I did get about 20 opt ins!, with about 40 to 50 clicks, impressive, for 5$, what else can you expect.

    So Now I got my place to go!

    And that is why I disagree, while 99% are fake if you know where to look you will find real ones 🙂

    1. I’m not sure what we disagree on, since I agree with you…most fiverr solo ads are garbage and some are good.

      The only thing that I don’t get is why those bad fake solo ads gigs have such high positive ratings.

      Anyhow, thanks for leaving a comment.

  16. Hi Webmaster!, don’t get me wrong, what you say is correct, and it’s a great post, I agree but not 100% hehehe, I disagree because I did manage to find at least 1 real one that gave me some good results so far, that is what I said, 99% are fake

    Just an update reading around I found this guy explaining his method to sell Solo Ads on Fiverr (Fake of course) and runaway with your money:

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