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Mobile Marketing Case Study – Email List Building With BuzzCity


This is my first post on mobile marketing and also my first attempt at mobile marketing with Buzzcity PPC mobile ad network.

In the month of January 2014, I’ve spent $112 in traffic from Buzzcity mobile ad network. The cost per click was 1 cent.

I’ve setup a few different campaigns: dating, gaming, and weight loss. I also Targeted mostly English speaking countries.

Anyways, here’re my results:


So I’ve gotten 11,268 clicks and 189 conversions. These 189 conversions are email optins. That’s roughly $0.59 per email optin. Not too bad, but I rather purchase guaranteed email leads at $0.45 per subscriber from getsubscribers, read my getsubscribers review here.

Anyhow, I could have optimize my campaigns to get my conversion cost down to about $0.30-$0.40 per optin, but there’s no point. I haven’t made a single penny from the 189 optin subscribers.

I figure with 189 email optins, these people should be somewhat interested in what I have to offer, that’s why they landed on my page and submitted my optin form. My campaigns were in the: dating, gaming, and weight loss niche. Not a single bite, no sales.

Not all of my case studies on HowtoWebmaster are successful. But I hope you learn something from this.

Just because people optin to your list, doesn’t mean they will buy something.

Although, Buzzcity is not working for me right now. But I’ll try a different approach later with mobile marketing. We’ll see.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi Leon,

    Another useful post – keep them coming!

    Did you offer the subscribers something free to join your list. If so, you might have just happened to target a bunch of freebie seekers who are never going to buy anything. It happens, although I am surprised to hear you haven’t made a single sale with 189 subscribers.


    1. I normally don’t bribe my subscribers with any freebies. They subscribed because they genuinely want to know more.
      I guess, they (mobile users) just are not willing to spend the money.

      I don’t know. I’ll have to run some mobile specific campaigns next time, such as app downloads or something mobile related.

      1. I am not convinced that mobile users don’t want to spend money. The amount that people are spending online is sharply increasing and most of this spending is via smartphones and tablets, not desktop PCs.

        1. I’m sure mobile users spend money on a bunch of other things like electronics,games, movies, apps, clothing. But for promoting affiliate offers to them like clickbank or CPA offers, it’s a hard sale compared with desktop users.

  2. Hi your campaign is not bad …but you really should have OPTIMIZED your campaign….as in you should done away with poor performing geos…then drill to OS(Android/IOS)..identify the best performing ones…and finally to screen size….Regards

  3. I’m not expert (yet) in mobile marketing but I have had some success. One thing I would humbly suggest is that you add to your next campaign a free “something”. The “give to get” philosophy is still alive and well and it’s one of the best ways to build fast trust. This is not a bribe as you put it negatively, it is a relationship tool that to me shows you care. Now they know you have great “stuff” and should be more willing to part with their money. Besides, most sales are not made until the 4th or 5th contact so keep sending information to those 189 people and see what happens. That said, this is a very small list to work from so that might not be a good judge of results. Also I would eliminate all those fringe countries and focus on the 5 major top tier English speaking countries. Doing all of this should help, and perhaps a great Amazon offer would be a good idea as this is well suited to Mobile. You might also find a good resource over at Mobile The ads are not as cheap but their system is way more robust and scalable with way better targeting abilities.

    – Hub

    1. Interesting tips. Thank you!
      I’m thinking about promoting free mobile apps and games in my next mobile campaign. I’ll see if that works first, before committing to giving away free reports in exchange for optins. I can definitely see the benefits in building trust.

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