This is my first post on mobile marketing and also my first attempt at mobile marketing with Buzzcity PPC mobile ad network.

In the month of January 2014, I’ve spent $112 in traffic from Buzzcity mobile ad network. The cost per click was 1 cent.

I’ve setup a few different campaigns: dating, gaming, and weight loss. I also Targeted mostly English speaking countries.

Anyways, here’re my results:


So I’ve gotten 11,268 clicks and 189 conversions. These 189 conversions are email optins. That’s roughly $0.59 per email optin. Not too bad, but I rather purchase guaranteed email leads at $0.45 per subscriber from getsubscribers, read my getsubscribers review here.

Anyhow, I could have optimize my campaigns to get my conversion cost down to about $0.30-$0.40 per optin, but there’s no point. I haven’t made a single penny from the 189 optin subscribers.

I figure with 189 email optins, these people should be somewhat interested in what I have to offer, that’s why they landed on my page and submitted my optin form. My campaigns were in the: dating, gaming, and weight loss niche. Not a single bite, no sales.

Not all of my case studies on HowtoWebmaster are successful. But I hope you learn something from this.

Just because people optin to your list, doesn’t mean they will buy something.

Although, Buzzcity is not working for me right now. But I’ll try a different approach later with mobile marketing. We’ll see.

Thanks for reading!