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GetSubscribers Review – 200 Email Leads – My Email Marketing Case Study


I’m always trying to find new ways to cost effectively generate new subscribers for my email lists. I use GetResponse for managing my email marketing campaigns. is an email lead generation service by the same company as GetResponse.

You don’t have to be a member of GetResponse to buy email leads from GetSubscribers. But they made it highly convenient for automatically adding new email leads right into your GetResponse email list. Plus, I highly recommend joining GetResponse anyways for all of your email marketing needs, they’re a great email marketing company.

GetSubscribers Review – My Email Marketing Case Study

On December 26, 2013, I’ve purchased the 200 email lead pack which costed $89.95 or $0.45 per email subscriber. How it works is that you pay for an email lead package ranging from 200 leads to 2000 leads.


After payment, you will create 1 text ad which will be shown to subscribers from various email lists on the GetResponse network. So for example anyone subscribing or unsubscribing to an email list may see text ads displayed at the bottom of the page. These text ads look like any other ads similar to that of google Adwords. Users would check a box next to the text ad they want to subscribe to, enter their email and now they are automatically subscribed to the new list.

By default these text ads will not show unless the email list owner uses a custom page for confirmation and unsubscribe page. So if you’re a member of GetResponse and decide to use their hosted confirmation or unsubscribe page, then your email subscribers will see these ads at the bottom of the page.

Anyways, so after creating the text ad on GetSubscribers, you will wait for approval, which takes about 24-48 hours. Once approved, your text ad will go live and you’ll start receiving new email subscribers.

Today as of writing this post, February 14, 2014, that’s about 50 days so far since my GetSubscribers campaign was approved. Let’s take a look inside of my GetSubscriber campaign dashboard:


So after 50 days, I’ve gotten the 200 new email leads which is about 4 new email subscribers per day added to my email list. That’s Pretty slow.

My text ad was shown 4013 times with an optin rate of .05% . At this point, I really don’t care much about these numbers since I’m paying a flat rate per optin anyways. If only there was a good way to split test my text ads.

I’ve been promoting various make money online products from clickbank to my new list. With my autoresponder messages, I’ve welcomed the new subscribers with an introduction email and a free make money online report. Then every couple of days for a month, they would receive more tips and more make money offers.

So let’s talk about money, what’s the quality of my new GetSubscribers Leads?

So… how much money have I made with the 200 subscribers? I’ve made about $118.41 from them thus far. 

So the service is slow (4 leads per day) for my 1 campaign. But if I can break even when building my email list, in a way that’s like building a free email list. In the long run, I’ll be able to keep promoting to my email list and that should make me some nice change. 

How GetSubscribers service can be improved?

The lead generations have to be faster somehow. 4 leads per day is slow. The only way around this right now, I believe, is to buy multiple campaigns at a time. So if you have 10 campaigns running at once, then potentially you can get 40 leads per day this way. 

It needs to have some kind of targeting, like showing my ads to someone in a weight loss newsletter. Right now, my ad is shown to all people across all niches.

I would like to be able to geo target my subscribers. 

I would also like to be able to split test my text ads. This would be good for everyone since this will increase my optin rate and can fill leads faster than before. Everybody wins!

Have you tried GetSubscriebrs before? Leave a comment.

Have a question? Leave a comment 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Thank you for the case study, that was very helpful. I heard mixed opinions/results regarding co-registration leads in general and specially getsubscribers. But they all agree that the service is slow! On the other hand, you’re paying for leads so at the end you will get what you paid for, and the point is to avoid all trouble of split testing and not to worry about conversions etc. That’s a dream come true for beginners 🙂 IF they are providing quality/targeted leads and you have an effective email marketing funnel. For me I prefer this kind of solutions to build a list. Even if it’s slow. Yes you can use PPC or even PPV to build a list faster and maybe get more subscribers for less, if you are experienced enough and can spend more money on testing and tweaking..etc But my opinion is that the most important thing for this solution is to find a company that can provide quality leads for a reasonable cost.And of course one must be ready with an established marketing funnel to instantly start making money from those leads. Thanks again

  2. Hi Leon,

    Thanks for this useful info. I like the idea of getting a guaranteed number of subscribers for a fixed cost. I guess the quality of the subscribers is down to the text ad used. If you create ads that deliver exactly what is promised, then you are likely to see good returns over the long term. Can you pause and restart campaigns? If so, can you also change the ad during the campaign? I imagine the answer is probably ‘no’ to both of these questions.

    I believe your campaign actually shows an opt-in rate of approximately 5%, not 0.05%. (200 subscribers for 4013 impressions is an opt-in ratio of 0.05, which is 5%.)


    1. I believe you can pause/restart campaigns. Well when you enter a new text ad, it will pause the campaign so that it can be submitted for approval again. But I’m not sure if they will reset the stats though (ad impressions and optins).

      Still it makes split testing a pain. If only they allow submission of multiple text ads.

      You guys at GetSubscribers listening? Give us advertisers a chance to split test and geo target with our campaigns!

      1. Well, if it works like that I would be happy to give it a go. I am not worried about the time it takes to build a list – at least not initially. I just want to test their system and find out if it works for me with as little money as possible.So, if it is possible to pause/restart campaigns and change the ads, that will do for now.

  3. Yeah I have been using getsubscribers for about 6 months now and you are correct.. to get it going faster you have to have either several going at once, or really outrageous claims that get attention.

    But I am the same way as you.. I have never really tried to test, tweak or optimize because you are only paying by the lead. So I just let it run without much care either.

  4. Hello Leon,

    I came across your product FUN MONEY recently. And I absolutely loved it! I already bought domain name. I will give it a try for sure. I would like to try to start this business as it seems to be lot of fun and has HUGE potential.

    Second pillar to my business I would like to try to build nice email list. I already tried this and own small list of 193 subscribers. The thing is, I haven`t done anything with this list for months now and I never made any money with it so far 🙁

    Here are my 2 questions. Do you thing I can still wake up and use this list, or is it gone for good. And what course do you suggest (of your own or affiliated) for list building. But not only how to get subscribers, but also how to interact with your subscribers? I really liked your system of teaching in FUN MONEY SYSTEM. Maybe something along these lines?

    I can surely say, that you got new fan in me.

    Thanks for your help


    1. Thanks for being a fan!

      Send out a free report (PLR), a link to a new blog post, or even to an affiliate offer. Track and see how many opened emails and clicks you get. Then you’ll roughly know how active this list is for you. A list with 200 members, you’ll still make 5-10 sales a month. That’s free money right there.

      For list building, I don’t really have a full blown course on this. There’re quite a few guides out there though.
      Here’s a recent WSO of The Day about list building with little to no money:
      A Lot of good reviews with this one.

    1. I think they closed down for all customers now. I think it’s because of too many spammers flooding the system with mass campaigns causing lead delivery to slow down dramatically for all customers.

      Good news is I’m working on my own service. coming in the near future!

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