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How to Make Money Online With Domain Flipping For Free!


I’ve been a domainer for a very long time and I’m constantly buying new domains regularly. I buy domains for myself and or for domain flipping purposes. 

What’s a domainer? It pretty much means domain trader or someone that buys and sells domain names.If you’re a webmaster and you run a site using a domain name of your own, then you’re a domainer too 🙂

When you are looking to start a new website brand or need some domain flipping ideas; here are a couple of free web based tools that I use: and


Nametumbler is extremely easy to use. For this example, I want to find some domain name ideas for SEO so I can flip for a profit.

You basically enter in a keyword (example: SEO), then choose to combine it with another word such as: animals, basic words, city names, countries, etc. Next you choose whether to add the keyword (SEO) to the beginning or the end. Lastly, I leave everything else alone and just click on the check domain button. domain-flipping-ideas 

So in this example, I’ve decided to combine SEO with all of the largest city names in the USA. I copy this list and do a bulk domain search using godaddy bulk domain search.

The results:


This is pretty incredible. There are 14 available domain names out of all of the largest city names + SEO in the USA. I marked 3 very good domains in this list that are available to register. – Little Rock is the capital city of Arkansas. And it’s a beautiful brand too even without it being a popular city name. – Green Bay is a very popular city name especially to those that watches the NFL. This is a cool brand itself and also a popular city name. – There’re around 5 cities in the USA with the city name Lafayette. Good for flipping when there are several competing SEO firms in cities name Lafayette.

As of writing this post, all of these domain names are 100% available to register. I am itching to register myself, it’s such a good brand and can easily be flipped.


 Domize is a little bit more technical to use but it’s super powerful and fast. Basically you do a keyword search and then combine it with a variable. For example: I’m searching for [digit][digit]webhosting . What this means is that the [digit] will be replaced with a number from 0 to 9.


There are a lot of other variables to choose from and a lot of combinations to find really cool brandable names. It’s also very good for finding cool short domain names.

Here are the results:


Blue color means available to register and red means taken already.

*Cool ninja tip: when you register domain names, go search for godaddy coupons! You can register domains for as low as 99 cents, there are literally hundreds of different domain registration coupons to register domains from $0.99 – $2.95.

So even if you resell these domains for reg fee which is $8 – $15, you’d still make a profit. But I would probably resell the (City name SEO domains) for at least $50+.

Where to flip domain names? (Where to sell your domain names)

Below is a list of the places I’ve personally sold domains at.

My favorite domain marketplaces to sell domain names for free without comissions are: NameProsDigitalpoint, and v7n.

Here are other free marketplaces to list domains for free but will charge you a percentage for sold domains: godaddy, Sedo , GreatDomains (premium domains only by Sedo)

I also want to give a shout out to one of my favorite domain forums. They do charge a membership fee but is well worth it for buying/selling quality domain names:

Then there’s flippa. Which charges a listing fee and a selling fee. I would try the above marketplaces first before listing here.

Lastly, my favorite domain broker for selling premium domain names (free to list, and charges 15% commission on sales): TobyClement 

Thanks for reading!

Leave a comment about your domain flipping experiences or if you have any questions.


  1. The first question will be “Does it works?” “Is there anyone that tried domain flipping and was successful with it, or not” and answer will interest them (those who are new to this) enough to learn more about it.

    Great share about flipping domain names! This will surely convince them and use the step by step guide.

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social bookmarking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

    1. Hi metz,

      Yes, it does work but depends on the domain and its perceived value. For example will not be useful for a real estate company but if a whitening cream manufacturer happens to see your domain for sale then you could sell it for $1000 even if you just bought it for $9 an hour ago.

      Everything ends up in acquiring and listing your domain at the right time at the right marketplace, the rest depends on luck when it comes to selling new domains.

      If you can get your hands on high PR domains then you could sell for more for sure. I would suggest buying domains high pr domains, add website, add quality content and you could sell it for a good auction.

      1. Thanks Harry for chiming in.

        To me, high PR domain investment is a dangerous game to play. I wouldn’t recommend regular domainers to invest in domains solely for the domain pagerank. Cause there are quite a few scams out there with fake PR. Plus google can just take the pagerank away of the domain for no reason and then the domain is left with zero value pretty much.

        If investing in an established website with high pagerank, than that’s a different story.

        Thanks again!

    2. It does work, metz! I’ve read a few posts here and there, but this one on really made an impact on me. I decided to flip domains.
      At first, I started with domains worth $20 and $50. I was a bit apprehensive about the legitimacy of domain flipping. But when I saw the profits come in, everything became clear!
      Now I have went from flipping $50 domains to eyeing $1,000 domains (example:!!!
      All because of one post in the vast sea of internet!

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