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How to write an Evergreen Article?

evergreen-articleContent drives massive traffic. Whether you are a blogger or a business, who connects through blogs, you need articles that will bring continuous traffic. Here comes the role of articles that never gets old, they are searched every time, by everyone and in every decade. The example of evergreen article is very simple. An article based on the toaster is an evergreen article, but a specific model of a toaster isn’t such as toaster WCT704. So now you have an idea about evergreen articles, so let me take you through the procedures to write one.

Know your topic

You might be in a business where you sell many products, but you need to find that one thing which is the parent of all the products. If you are a blogger then find one question in your niche that people will always ask again and again. Sometimes it might take you time to arrive at that topic, but it will strike you. Remember, you need to jot multiple topics and finally arrive at one which will be the best one out of many possibilities.

Research the topic

Since now you know the topic, don’t just jump to write about it as this can make the article messy with different thoughts flowing all over the place. A well-researched article outperforms in all aspects. Jot down all the references, important points and form your opinion. Find the link between your product and the generic term you are writing upon. Don’t try to make it an impressive article, but an expressive one. It should contain all the necessary, and more than sufficient points to cover everything.

SEO is Important

We often write many posts and have confidence it will be appreciated by our feed readers. That all sounds good, but an evergreen article is useful only if it brings readers from a search engine frequently. Hire experts to validate the SEO factor before and after it’s published. There will be corrections to be done. Remember to improve it only to that level where humans can still enjoy the read and not robots. Make sure that your article ranks well in search engines. This needs to be done by checking relevant links to the article. Spend money to promote it out of your network so that it ranks well in search engines for the desired evergreen topic.

Make it your Own

Add the personal flavor to the article that will make it related to your company. Jot down all the sub-products that relate to the topic. Make sure to have the reviews of customers in place, insert a link to it also. Give the reason’s, legitimate ones on why your company is the best one for the product a consumer is searching for. Have a badge of experience and good stats in place to prove your point. Don’t make it too inflated with the links though. People are looking for a complete solution to their queries, make them happy and they will more than happy to try your product out. Build relationships with such posts on an on-going basis.

Keep it Evergreen

Congratulations on creating an evergreen article, your dedication and hard work will pay off. The world is changing very frequently, your products get upgraded too often. So there is a need to keep the post alive even after ages. You can keep a check on the new articles and news via Google’s alert option. Once in a while at 3 months, update your information, if needed. Create multiple evergreen articles on similar topics and inter-link them. This way, chances of success goes high.


Evergreen articles are not different that your normal blog post, they just need a little extra care to stay live throughout different times. These methods can be applied to every blog posts of yours, but the difference will be on your traffic, evergreen articles will always bring high traffic conversions than just a normal product information or review. The review article has a lifespan, till the time the product is famous in market while an evergreen article can be used to attract consumers all the time and then direct them to specific products. Focus, try and get success.

Have you ever written an evergreen article? How is your experience? Let me know in the comments.


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  1. To make a topic evergreen, I would prefer two things as you stated in the story. Although depending on niche and title’s selection, and by choosing trending headings and subheadings, almost every article can be made evergreen.

    One is knowing your article and other is researching on the topic before posting it to the blog or website. For a single topic, there might be different ways to present the story, but you have to choose the right words and theme to offer the best effective information about the topic.

    Secondly, brain storming and researching about the topic before publishing it help in keep the article targeted to the main theme. So, readers won’t get distracted while reading the post.
    I too agree that better expressive article are always better players in getting more traffic and reader’s trust. Thanks for sharing it on

  2. For me, evergreen article is original and engage-able. As we know, it was reported that Google removed, copied content from SERP, so “Make it your Own” tip will be very useful to shun scenarios like this.

    In addition, I believe it is not just about your website, it is also how you will keep in touch with your subscribers, how you treat them.

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  3. An evergreen article is great at all the times and it drives much more traffic than just a normal article. Its life span is eternal, as what I have understood in the explanation from the article above.

    The tips given are valuable and helpful as well for bloggers to write an evergreen article.

    I agree that SEO is important, but I suggest that you should not write for them. What I mean is, don’t make them the main reason why you composed an article. You write for human, and not for machines.


    By the way, I found this post shared on

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