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Become a Social Media Guru – How to Legally Steal Fans and Followers!


Social media is the future as much as it’s present. Every day, we see it evolving in different forms.

A decade ago, we didn’t have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so many other communication channels. Suddenly, a decade after, we’re overwhelmed with the diversity of this wondering marketing tools.

In the midst of all these options, the most important thing is ‘communication’. That’s the foundation for all these tools and with everything in business like I’ve said in a previous post, markets remain, the location is what’s changing.

To be successful in your social media campaign, you have to horn your communication skills. That’s the most important thing. You must not come off as too ‘pushy’. No one wants to be ‘sold’ so and pushed to buy things on social media websites. I’m sure you also don’t like to see tons of marketing ads pushed down your throat. It can simply gets very annoying.

So, here are a few tips you can use when trying to grow your social media presence.

1. Present yourself as a guru:

Everyone is an expert on something. I am, you are. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Let your aura radiates that guru status. Be real, be proactive and push the image you want people to see. The known gurus didn’t just get there one day, they sold the ‘guru experience’ to people and they bought it. Present yourself as an expert in your given niche and do all you can to keep the status intact. Walk the talk, talk the walk not otherwise. If you play your cards right, you’ll gain the much needed traction and your tentacle will begin to spread like wild fire in the summer.

Reputation management is crucial when embarking on a massive social media campaign. Push the wrong image out and you will fail even before you start. Push the right image and you’re on to something great.

2. Choose a suitable platform:

Although we have quite a number of social media sites, my favorite is Facebook. I rarely use twitter (maybe every 3 months). It’s much easier to start on Facebook, build a presence and establish yourself. For others, twitter is very efficient for some people and I’ve seen a lot of people making a lot of money using this platform. It all comes down to which is more comfortable for you. One thing you must remember is, you don’t have power over where your market choose to converge, but you do have the power to go to them and sell yourself.

3. How to steal followers and fans legally

Did I just mention ‘steal’ and ‘legal’ in the same sentence? Yeah, I did. The thing with getting a traction online is analyzing where the dominant players had failed and ‘righting’ the ‘wrong’. In analyzing the competition, you’re actually trying to look for what the fans of the pages are yearning for.

I Like

If you closely look at some huge pages, you’ll see that the page owners don’t reply to their fan’s messages. If this applies to your niche, as a guru, all you need to do is take over the competition’s page.

Here’s a brief strategy you can use. Never appear spammy. Never directly push your products. If you do, you’ll forfeit the campaign and will probably be banned which is not what we’re out to achieve.

Since we’ll be taking advantage of fan page owners who aren’t replying to their fans, we’ll be acting as assistant to them. We’ll be answering the questions raised, presenting a solution in a skillful way. Quality speaks for itself. When you do this for a while, the members of the community will begin to notice you and your ‘good’ work and wouldn’t have a choice but to “like” you and check out your page and become your fan.

This strategy will dove-tail with the guru status we had already setup. As the fans trickle in, we gently take over the niche, one fan at a time.

Want more of these tips? Please comment below!

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  1. Hi ,

    Excellent article, filled with clarity and easily understandable. The words ‘ Steal ‘ and ‘ Legal ‘ coming in the same sentence made me so excited about it article. You are absolutely right, big Facebook page owners don’t reply to the comment they get because they don’t have to engage with their audience anymore because they already have a strong pre-build social power. Establishing a powerful social presence acting like a social guru providing valuable tips and response can make you easily noticeable.

    I loved this article. Tweeted !
    Keep writing 🙂

  2. The title is what actually grabbed my attention. Next thing I knew was me heading straight to this site to devour the article.

    Sure, the tips suggested in the article will help go a long way in improving social media presence. The good thing is that, on implementing these methods religiously, one can expect to see results relatively earlier!

    I guess #2, choosing the right, suitable platform holds the key. There are so many social sites out there that trying to be present on all of them and growing influence on all of them is difficult.

    It is better to choose a platform that suits one the most and work towards building influence there. #3 also definitely caught my attention. Taking to the competitors’ pages and attending to unanswered questions there will help get followers and influence for sure!

    I found the link to this article on Kingged.


  3. Thanks Leon, I totally enjoyed this article. It often annoys me how the big branded name people don’t chat and reply on Facebook. They don’t have time, I’d guess….but your idea is sheer brilliance and I find myself doing it on facebook and in G+ and it helps me to establish a reputation for mindset influence. I’ll never quit. Just keep posting your best thoughts, and the huge followings of gurus will naturally lean towards you! Awesome. Hangout (HOA) comments are very interactive, too, and you can touch big, influential peeeps there at G+

  4. Great blog post, never actually thought about answering questions on pages where the owner does not follow up with their audience. Will need to start keeping my eyes open for those opportunities 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

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