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Should You Buy Legitimate Facebook Likes?


I was never really into the Facebook fanpage thing. But recently, I had a change of heart and decided I wanted to create some Facebook fanpages just to see what it’s all about. I would create one of those viral like fanpages such as funny cats and dogs, memes or whatever. 

Next, I would buy “REAL” Facebook likes to my fanpages legitimately from advertising directly on facebook.

I know all about the fiverr gigs where you can get 1000s of fans, followers, and +1 for $5. But I wasn’t gonna do any of that. I want only the “REAL” deal, I want real people, real fans for my fanpage. 

Then I came across this video, and it kinda broke my fanpage making dream.

Facebook themselves selling fake likes?

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  1. WOW. I think about advertising on FB now and again but really dislike their corporate attitude of selective display. I know they need to make money and should but I had this nagging feeling they were scammy. Despite what the video suggests, it would be easy enough for FB track and stop selling fake fans.

  2. I have started to advertise for fans, and sometimes they will give me a boatload of fans in a very short space of time, that I am suspicious about. When that happens, I pause the campaign.

    But other times they come in steady, and I get many interactions on the page – post likes, shares etc. So I think those are real.

  3. Thank you for this video, Leon. It is one of the most informative videos I have come across for quite some time. It also confirmed my suspicions about Facebook advertising!


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