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PPV Marketing Case Study – Successful Payday Loan CPA Offer With PPV Traffic


Today, I will reveal a successful PPV campaign that I’ve tested back in December 2013. I will show you the exact keywords I’ve used to make around a 500% return promoting a Payday loan CPA offer. You do not want to miss this.

The Payday Loan CPA Offer?

Payday loan CPA offers have some of the highest paying commissions just for filling out a form. The typical payday loan CPA offer pays anywhere from $35-$75+. To earn a commission, someone just has to fill out a form about 2-3 pages long, and you’ll earn some big commissions.

The Payday offer  I’ve chosen is the EverydayPayday 1 page form submit from MaxBounty CPA network. There are plenty of good payday loan offers at other networks, but I really like this one at MaxBounty because it requires only 1 page submit to earn $45!

Maxbounty is one of the most established and trusted CPA network with weekly payments. If you’re not a member of MaxBounty, I highly recommend you sign up. Please join using my MaxBounty link, click here.

The PPV Traffic Source

PPV is pay per view traffic. I use LeadImpact as my PPV traffic source for this payday loan campaign. The gurus and experts tell me to spend a LOT of money in the beginning so I can quickly test campaigns. Why? I am the opposite of what the gurus tell me to do on PPV.  I bid the minimum and set minimum budget so that I can carefully optimize my PPV campaigns cost effectively. I don’t need to burn through $100s to find a profitable campaign. I can spend the minimum and slowly get profitable but in a safely manner so I don’t waste more money than I have to.

Here’s what I’ve spent for PPV traffic on this payday loan campaign for the month of December 2013. I’ve spent $45.86 and gotten 51 conversions. These are not the actual CPA payday conversions, these are my optin conversions.


The 51 conversions are the # of email subscribers I’ve generated from this campaign using a landing page with optin form. I would not recommend to ever do direct linking to CPA offers. Always use a landing page with optin form. You want to capture the visitors’ emails so you can continue to push the payday offer to them for at least the first 3 days. Set up the email optin, so that once your visitors has subscribed, they will automatically be forwarded to the payday loan offer.

I am not going to reveal my landing pages, because I use the same style for many of my other campaigns. You guys can be creative and come up with your own landing pages. I don’t want 100 people copying this campaign and running the exact same Landing pages. The key to a good landing page is to split test multiple landing pages at a time. There’s no such thing as the perfect landing page, it could always be better. You won’t know what works until you actually test it yourself.

Here are the top keywords with the most optin conversions. Look at the keyword,, at the top. This keyword costed me 90 cents for 56 PPV impressions with  8 optin conversions. This is almost 10 cents per email lead! This is the kind of secrets those GURUs will never reveal. 10 cent per email lead in the super competitive payday loan niche is unheard of!


In the end after running this campaign my cost per optin is around 91 cents per subscriber. Now I would just have to optimize and remove the costly keywords and my cost per optin would go down tremendously.

30 Day Revenue

So in the month of December 2013, the PPV traffic costed me $45.86 and I’ve made $225 in revenue with 5 total people filling out the Payday loan form.


So the revenue is $225 and so profit is roughly $179 for a 30 day period. So you’re thinking, damn that’s not that much. Well, I’ve only spent about 3 hours total on it, so that’s not bad. Plus remember, I didn’t even scale this thing up. Most of my bids were at bare minimums at 1.5 cents per view and some at 1.6 cent or a little bit more. This is just a small test campaign that has a lot of potential.  I’m just giving this PPV campaign away as a case study for free! If this was a successful $5,000 profit ppv campaign, I’d be crazy to just give it away or even sell it as WSO.

If you want to try this campaign and increase profit, you should split test a couple of different payday loan offers. Also, test different landing pages, find a highly converting landing page, and then increase the keyword bids to get more traffic. I would not expand to any other PPV network until you make a nice profit first.


You can go beyond Payday loan offers. Try other CPA form offers.  Always ALWAYS use a landing page with an optin form so you can capture emails and continue to push the offer even after the visitors have left your page. And also, always bid the minimum PPV price and then increase slowly.

PPV is a huge traffic source and is very profitable across so many niches. You’d be surprise at the things that will perform well with PPV traffic.

But PPV marketing is not for everyone, you will need money to make money. It is definitely NOT an easy traffic source to work with for beginners in the web marketing. You will need to be at least proficient at tracking and campaign optimization or else PPV marketing will burn your money quickly.

Please leave comments/questions about PPV marketing and email list building with PPV traffic. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi Leon,

    Thanks for another useful post. This is a great case study. How much do you need to fund a Leadimpact account to begin a PPV campaign? I can’t find any pricing information on their website.


      1. Yes, that is a bit steep. I did look into their service before and came across that figure but as you were talking about spending only a few dollars on a campaign I was hoping the deposit required had reduced to something more affordable for newbie marketers. We live in hope…

      1. I am not sure what you are asking. If they optin by using the web form, then they are subscribed to your list. Are you using getresponse?

  2. Interesting Case Study. What was your overall optin rate and subscribers till conversion?

    I’ve been running a similar campaign for about a are my numbers:

    total cost: 12.78

    total subscribers: 42

    total revenue: $0

    So, looking at that screenshot up there, my subscriber number isnt too far off of what you have, but my revenue is a nice ZILCH right now 🙁

    running it to the same offer, have a pretty nice follow up series with lots of different payday offers for them to apply to. again, no revenue so far.

    gonna keep running it till i spend about $200, then, if i dont get any conversions, gonna kill it.

    1. I am quite surprised you haven’t gotten at least 1 lead yet. Make sure you split test your landing pages. And are you sending the visitors directly to the payday offer right after the optin?

      The good thing with this payday loan offer is that it has a $45 payout per lead.
      So you got some room to spare.

  3. Right now ive only got 1 LP, Havent played around with other variations, but I may.

    Immediately after the optin they go to the MaxBounty offer.

    After that they immediately get 3 different offers in their email (my open rate is pretty high, like 60% right now)

    and then they get 3 more the next day, 3 more a week later, 3 more a week later, etc for the first 30ish days.

    so far $0 in conversions. total number of optins is up to 49

    1. I wouldn’t push 3 different offers immediately with email.
      I would Keep pushing the main offer for the first 3 days.

      Also the landing page is important, you need to split test a few more.
      Some of my leads came right after they optin. Cause they think that the submit form was the start of their application so when they see the offer, they want to finish the payday application.

      For the submit optin form button I used “Get Started Now” and “Get Cash Now” variations.

  4. OK, right now i’m split testing the audio on the LP to see what works best. As soon as thats done i’ll try split testing a few different layouts.

    Mine is basically a small questionaire that “finds them” a loan..

    1. Yeah definitely split test the landing page, maybe the questionnaire is not getting them in the “sign up” mode. Who knows, just try a few different LP styles and see.

    1. I’ve actually used the optin landing page template straight from my “Penny Per Click” guide. Not pushing you to buy my guide, but that is the LP style I’ve used for this Payday Loan LP. I split tested a few different versions, mostly changing just the text and images and kept the layout the same. Penny Per Click:

    1. Optin cost is good. Just make sure you rotate the landing pages. Are you rotating the LP or still using the questionnaire LP only?

  5. right now its the same questionnaire page, but there are 16 different variations that I’m testing.

    I’m not super concerned with the cost of this, it’s pretty insignificant, and I’m actually pretty happy that I’m building up a list pretty quickly and cheaply, so im not discouraged at all.

    In the next week or so I should start trimming those down, and then i’ll introduce a few other variations of LPs to see what works best.

    *crosses fingers*

    1. Good observation. At this time I only tracked the optin conversions. You can also track both the optin + CPA conversion using a more technical setup with prosper202 or other advance multi-step conversion tracking tools. Thanks

  6. i want to let know that i am running PPV leadimpact with payday loans with optin option when someone enter to the email then they goes direct to CPA offer but the emails are unconfirmed and not subscribed!
    also leads are not generated!

  7. What tool do you use for sending offers to subscribed visitors? Is getresponse good tool? Don’t you think many of such emails redirects to SPAM folder?
    How long do you send offers to optin list? Do you wait until all customers will unsubscribe from list?

    1. I use getresponse, one of the best in the business, emails will show up in inbox most of the time.

      I use autoresponder, first 3 days, send out short promo emails to get them to buy or submit the CPA form.

  8. Hi,

    Nice reading your post.

    Thank you for sharing this information because it’s very inspirational.

    Just a quick question.

    I assume you used single optin versus double optin?

    Looking forward to your reply.


    1. I use single optin for all paid traffic advertising.

      I only use double optin when the traffic is organic (search engine traffic), such as the optin form on my website… on the right sidebar.

  9. Very nice case study buddy. I really like your idea of gathering the emails first, and then send them the offer via an autoresponder. Btw, may I know which mailing list service do you use? Is it Aweber?

  10. If you are still promoting payday loans you should give us a try at We have numerous payday offers on both flat rate and revshare with payouts up to $165 per lead.

  11. Thanks for the info.

    I have seen some marketers who are affiliated with MaxBounty and promoting Payday Loans offer are putting the entire the lead forms on their own site without iframing it and making thousands of dollar every week and are one of the top affiliates of the maxbounty I am not concerned about how they get traffic but I am confused with the mechanism they use.. How can they do this? How can leads generated on my site with a lead form can be counted as a valid lead when there is no redirect to affiliate link or offer page. I can even show the links of their sites if you wish to see. Looking forward to listen from you.

    1. Sorry for the late reply.
      Yes I have noticed this as well. By putting the submit form (iframe or self-hosted) on a landing page, the affiliate has better control on optimizing for conversion rate.
      Some affiliate network will allow this with permission. You’d just have to ask though. Thanks for commenting!

  12. Leadimpact is nowdead. I tried Loan offers with popads to no avail. Maybe I haven’t tested well with it. Haven’t had any conversions when spending about $50 .

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